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CECS Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email Advising/Regular  Office Hours
Mehrdad Aliasgari Associate Professor/Chair ECS-542 562.985.7987 TBD
Shadnaz Asgari Professor ET-112 562.985.8023 TBD
Michael Chelian Professor/Undergraduate Advisor CE/Web Tech Minor/Cert ECS-544 562.985.1516 Advising: M-F 10AM-6PM (by email)
Todd Ebert Associate Professor ECS-548 562.985.1169 TBD
Bo Fu Associate Professor ECS-527 562.985.4386 No instruction this semester
Darin Goldstein Professor ECS-546 562.985.1507 MW 10:50-11:50AM and 3:20-4:20PM
Forouzan Golshani Professor ECS-529 MW 4:15-5PM, TTH 5:45-6:45 PM, or by appt.
Min He Associate Professor ECS-538 TTH 2-3:30PM or by appt.
Michael Hoffman Professor/Graduate Advisor CS ECS-533 MW 1-2PM
Advising: T 11AM-1 PM

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Shui Lam Professor ECS-549 562.985.1552 MW 4:45-5:15PM, TTH 6:15-7PM, or by appt.
Tracy Bradley Maples Professor ECS-526 No instruction this semester
Alvaro Monge Professor ECS-536 562.985.4671 No instruction this semester
Ju Cheol Moon Assistant Professor ECS-532 562.985.8370 TBD
Oscar Morales Ponce Associate Professor/ Undergraduate Advisor CS (A-L)/CS Minor ECS-543 562.985.5154 T 3-4PM or by appt.
Advising: TTH 1-2:30PM Make appt.
Frank Murgolo Professor ECS-534 562.985.5154 MW 3:15-4:15PM, 6:15-7:15PM, or by appt.
Phuong Nguyen Lecturer VEC-219E 562.985.5097 TBD
Haixia Peng Assistant Professor ECS-525 562.985.1523 T 11AM-12PM, TH 9:45AM-12PM, or by appt.
Amin Rezaei Assistant Professor ECS-528 TTH 11-12:50PM or by appt.
Hossein Sayadi Assistant Professor ECS-535 562.985.2563 T 3:30-4:30PM
or by appt.
Jelena Trajkovic Assistant Professor ECS-539 562.985.1133 T 9-9:30AM, 1:20-1:50PM, and 4:45-5:45PM; TH 10:30-11AM and 1:20-1:50PM or by appt.
Xiaolong Wu Associate Professor ECS-547 562.985.2910 T 9-11AM or by appt.
Hailu Xu Assistant Professor ECS-531 M 3:30-5:30PM (CECS 326), TH 5-6PM (CECS 526), or by appt.
Wenlu Zhang Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor CS (M-Z)/Cybersecurity Applications Minor ECS-550 562.985.4957 MW 3-3:30PM or by appt.
Advising: MTH 9:30-11AM
Make appt.
Name Title Office Phone Email Office_Hours
Roni Allen Lecturer No instruction this semester
David Brown Lecturer ECS-524 M-F 5-6PM or by appt.
Murray Cappel Lecturer ECS-530 MW 6:45-8PM or by appt.
Shannon Cleary Lecturer VEC-403 M-TH 7:15-8:15PM
Dan Cregg Lecturer MW 4:15-4:45PM or by appt.
Arjang Fahim Lecturer VEC-404 MW 5-6PM, TTH 4-5PM, or by appt.
Parvaneh Ghaforyfard Lecturer TBD M 1:15-3:15PM or by appt.
Arin Ghazarian Lecturer TBD W 6-7PM or by appt.
Anthony Giacalone Lecturer VEC-219E M-TH 1-2PM or by appt.
Steve Gold Lecturer VEC-219E 562.985.5097 MW 5:45-6PM, 7-7:30PM or by appt.
Eric Hernandez Lecturer VEC-403 TTH 12:30-1:30PM or by appt.
Fei Hoffman Lecturer ECS-533 562.985.1523 TU 12:30-2PM, 6:30-7:30PM, and TH 12:30-2PM
Claus Jurgensen Lecturer ECS-530 TTH 2-3:15PM or by appt.
Eduard Lavrov Lecturer TBD MW 8-9AM or by appt.
Malik Luti Lecturer F 2-4PM or by appt.
Jamal Madni Lecturer By appt. only
Alireza Mehrnia Lecturer F 8-10AM or by appt.
Susan Nachawati Lecturer VEC-404A M 5:30-7PM, TH 1:30-3PM, F 8-9AM (by appt. only)
Minhthong Nguyen Lecturer VEC-404 MW 7-8PM or after class
Mimi Opkins Lecturer ECS-524 No instruction this semester
Robert Santoso Lecturer TBD  F 6:30-7:30PM or by appt.
Gevik Sardarbegians Lecturer VEC-403
M 5-6PM or by appt.
Pouye Sedighian Lecturer VEC-219E MW 10:45-11:15PM or by appt.
Maryam Seyyedhosseini Lecturer ECS-524 SA 9-10AM or by appt.
Ali Sharifian Lecturer TTH 4:30-5:30PM
Kay Shamsa Lecturer TH 3-5PM or by appt.
Jose Tamayo Lecturer ECS-305 M-F 5-8PM, SA 12:30-1PM and 5:30-6PM or by appt.
Neal Terrell Lecturer VEC-219E MW 2-3PM, TTH 1-2PM, or by appt.
Louis Uuh Lecturer ECS-530 MW 4:50-5:20PM, TTH 6:15-6:45PM, or by appt.
Katherine Varela Lecturer ECS-530 TTH 12-1:30PM or by appt.
Vatanak Vong Lecturer VEC-405 TH 6-7:30PM and SA 12-1:30PM
Dave Winter Lecturer VEC-219E TTH 3-4:45PM, W 1:30-2:45PM or by appt. (15-min. slots)
Pooria Yaghini Lecturer ECS-524 SA 12-1PM or by appt.