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Intern Pathway

Intern Pathway Overview

The Education Specialist Credential Program Internship Pathway is available for candidates that are admitted to the Education Specialist Credential Program, have completed the requirements to be eligible for an internship that are listed below and have been offered full time employment in a public school district within the CSULB service area (15 miles from campus) and in which CSULB has an approved Internship Agreement on file. 

The Education Specialist Credential Program Internship Pathway consist of the same 46 units as the Traditional ESCP Pathway. Once candidates complete the pre-requisites courses listed below, they may complete the remaining required program courses and Final Fieldwork while on an internship, if approved. Intern candidates must enroll in a 1-unit Internship Support Course (EDSP 586) each semester they are employed on an internship credential and are NOT completing Final Fieldwork. This pathways allows candidates to work as a full time, teacher of record while completing their credential program.

Internships are in public school districts and charter schools within the CSULB service area (15 miles from campus) in which we have a current Affiliation Agreement and Internship Agreement on file. Internships cannot be done in private schools.


Intern Courses & Course Sequence

Prerequisites (13 units) 

  • EDSP 454 - Development of Communication Skills in Bilingual Contexts (3 units) - Must be taken for program admission
  • ED P 301 or 302 - Child Development or Adolescent Development (3 units)
  • EDSP 350 - Education of Exceptional Individuals (3 units)
  • ED P 405 - Positive Strategies for Classroom Management (3)
  • ETEC 110 or ETEC 444 - Introduction to Computers as Tools (1 unit) or Passage of CSET Preliminary Ed Tech Examination Subtests I and II

Core Courses (21 units) 

Students must be admitted to the Credential Program in order to take these courses:

  • EDSP 480 - Foundations of Inclusive Education in a Diverse Society (3)
  • EDEL 452 - Teaching Reading, K-8 (3)
    EDSE 457* -  Reading/Writing in Secondary Schools (3)
  • EDEL 462 - Teaching Math in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms (3)
  • EDSP 534 - Collaboration and Transition in Special Education (3)
  • ED P 560 - Behavior Analysis and Interventions (3)
  • EDSP 564 - Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities (3)
  • EDSP 577 - Instructional Methods and Strategies for Individuals with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)
    - OR -
    EDSP 578 - Instructional Methods and Strategies for Individuals with Moderate/Severe Disabilities (3)

Candidates that are on approved internship credentials must enroll in EDSP 586 - Education Specialist Intern Supervison (1) each semester prior to final fieldwork.

* This course does not prepare candidates for the RICA exam. Passage of RICA is a requirement for the Preliminary Credential.

Program Policy requires that students maintain a 3.0 GPA in Core Courses with no grade lower than a "C." A grade of "D" or "F" will result in the candidate being placed on probation and given two academic semesters to retake the course to receive a C or higher.  Candidates not able to complete remediation within two academic semesters will be disqualified from the program. 

Final Fieldwork (12 units) 

Intern Candidates must meet state and program conditions for advancement to field study.  Intern Candidates must obtain a Final Fieldwork Application from the website and apply to Final Fieldwork at the beginning of the semester prior to enrolling in the courses listed below. See the Final Fieldwork website for more information on Final Fieldwork, the application process and deadlines.

  • EDSP 587A - Advanced Field Study and Seminar for Mild/Moderate (6 units)
  • EDSP 587B - Advanced Field Study and Seminar for Mild/Moderate (6 units)


  • EDSP 588A - Advanced Field Study and Seminar for Moderate/Severe (6 units)
  • EDSP 588B - Advanced Field Study and Seminar for Moderate/Severe (6 units)

All candidates are required to complete a total of 12 units of Final Fieldwork (EDSP 587A&B or EDSP 588A&B). Candidates may either take A & B in consecutive semesters or they may be taken concurrently under certain conditions with faculty advisor approval.

Suggested Course Sequence

The Education Specialist Credential Program is a self-paced program that may be completed either part time or full time. Once candidates are admitted into the program they are required to attend Mandatory Advisement where they will create their individualized Advisement Plan with the faculty advisor. Below is a suggested course sequence:

Semester 1 - Pre-Requisites (13 units)

  • EDSP 454
  • EDSP 350
  • ED P 301/302
  • ED P 405
  • ETEC 110

*Candidates are intern eligible after completion of semester 1 courses and full admission to the program

Semester 2 - Core Courses (10 units)

  • EDSP 480
  • EDSP 564
  • EDSP 534
  • EDSP 586

Semester 3 - Core Courses (13 units)

  • ED P 560
  • EDEL 452/EDSE 457
  • EDEL 462
  • EDSP 577/578
  • EDSP 586

Semester 4 - Final Fieldwork/Student Teaching (12 units)

  • EDSP 578A/588A
  • EDSP 587B/588B

Internship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an internship, ESCP Candidates must have met ALL of the following requirement:

  • Be admitted to the Education Specialist Credential Program
  • Be in good standing in the Education Specialist Credential Program
  • Be a matriculated CSULB Student (Interns must be matriculated and enrolled in a course each semester they are an active ESCP Intern. Interns cannot take an Educational Leave of Absence.)
  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree from a regionally accreditated institution in the US or equivalent.
  • Provide verification of subject-matter competence by passing the appropriate subject matter examination(s) or proof of completion of a CTC approved subject matter preparation program.
  • Have completed the Basic Skills Requirement
  • Have completed the US Constitution Requirement
  • Have completed all 5 pre-requisite courses: EDSP 454, EDSP 350, ED P 405, ED P 301/302, ETEC 110

Once candidates have completed ALL of the above requirements, they are eligible for an internship and can request an Internship Eligibility Letter from the Credential Center to provide school districts when applying for teaching positions.

Internship Application and Approval Process

The steps listed below must be completed in order to be approved for the ESCP Internship Pathway:

Step 1

  • Obtain a full time teaching position in a public school within the CSULB service area (within 15 miles from CSULB).
  • Email the Internship Coordinator, Kristin Stout ( with a brief description of proposed internship teaching position and school site information to ensure the job duties meet CTC and program requirements for student teaching and program completion.
  • Check the Credential Center website to ensure that CSULB has a current Internship Agreement with the District/School site.
  • Secure an Offer of Employment from the district on official letterhead that states the district and school you will be teaching at, your start date, and your assignment (authorization).

Step 2

  • Meet with Jessica Olague in the Teacher Preparation Advising Center to review the Internship Eligibility requirements and the Internship Application process. Email Jessica at to make an appointment.

Step 3

  • Complete the Internship Application Packet – Intern Agreement, Intern Application Letter, Principal Agreement, Mentor Teacher Agreement, etc.

Step 4

  • Once your Internship Application packet is complete, meet with the ESCP Intern Coordinator to review internship eligibility requirements, create an Intern Program/Advisement Plan and get approval for your internship. 

Step 5

  • Submit your completed Internship Application Packet via DocuSign.         
  • Once the Credential Center has received all of the required documents and approvals and there is an Approved Internship Agreement in place between CSULB and the district, you will be recommended to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for your Internship Credential.  You will then receive an email from the CTC stating that you have been recommended for a document and you will then need to go to the link in the email and apply on the CTC website for your Internship Credential. 
  • Please keep in mind that the Internship Credential is valid for 2 years.  All program requirements including passage of the RICA must be completed to be recommended for your Preliminary Teaching Credential. 
  • To remain an active intern you must be in good standing in the program and enrolled in a minimum of one course each semester through the completion of your program.  Interns are not permitted to take an Education Leave of Absence.  Intern Candidates that are not completing Final Fieldwork will be required to enroll in EDSP 586 each semester they are an active intern.  Interns must also complete timely and complete submission of Intern Logs each month. Any intern not complying with the above may result in cancellation of your Internship Credential.