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Program Information

Welcome to the SERVE Program! The SERVE Program provides training and facilitates placement of CSULB students as tutors in urban classrooms.

Site Conditions for Field Placement

  • University students will work directly with K-12 students in urban classroom settings.
  • School has a diverse student population in terms of language, culture, gender and socio-economic background (minimum 27% of minority student population).
  • Cooperating teacher has a professional teaching credential with a minimum 3 years of teaching experience. Student is not related to cooperating teacher.

Our Students

Who are SERVE students?

  • Second semester freshman status or above;
  • GPA of 2.0 or above in all work;
  • Trained through SERVE Program or course work;
  • Cleared through SERVE Program - (TB Testing & LiveScan FBI/DOJ)

Requirements for SERVE students placed in the classroom:

  • Minimum of 40 hours in the classroom or other assigned site during one semester constitutes one rotation;
  • Each service-learning rotation is at a different site, different grade level.

Course Requirements for Service Learning

  • EDEL 200/300/380: Student will participate in a regular, self-contained K-8 classroom in a core academic area (not departmentalized, special education, computer labs, after-school programs, etc.).