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Planning for Study Abroad

Recommended Guidelines for Planning Your Study Abroad Experience

Study Abroad should be an opportunity for any student to consider and have the opportunity to pursue, and we want to assist you in this process and make it possible. Here are general suggested tips for getting started in looking over and planning for Study Abroad opportunities while pursuing the Liberal Studies program.


Research Study Abroad Opportunities Online

Students may either explore scheduled short-term study abroad opportunities for specific courses through our program (typically Summer or Winter sessions), or they may explore the Study Abroad Website/Office for ideas on customizing a semester-long program plan overseas.

If interested in a short-term scheduled course, check out our Study Abroad Opportunities page for a list of upcoming Liberal Studies curriculum being offered.

The University Study Abroad Website has a number of resources that allow students to explore study abroad options in a variety of ways. Be sure to check out the Study Abroad website to view and research different opportunities that may be appealing toward your educational goals. When you arrive to speak with an Advisor or the Department Chair for planning and approval, the first question we will ask is if you have already found a place or have a course in mind (or even a set of courses that look appealing overseas!). In order to plan accordingly, we need to know what your goals and plans would be and see if it works/fits.

The Study Abroad Office developed a General Study Abroad Flier for Liberal Studies and Child Development majors, for reference.

Here are recommended Study Abroad Semester Sites for our Liberal Studies students, based on the breadth of course offerings that align with program requirements:

  • Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
  • Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
  • CSULB London Semester
  • Dankook University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China
  • John Cabot University, Rome, Italy
  • Mary Immaculate, Limerick, Ireland
  • University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia

Contact the Study Abroad University Office

It is highly recommended that once a student has developed a list of courses or after selecting a course of interest, the student should attend a Study Abroad Workshop and then contact and/or speak with an Advisor from the Study Abroad University Office to review application processes and deadlines for planning. Liberal Studies Academic Advisors can assist with determining credits earned and graduation planning within the program, but the Study Abroad representatives are the best individuals to speak with on the logistical planning and details.

Study Abroad Information Sessions

The University Study Abroad Office recommends that students interested in Study Abroad should attend a general information session. To learn more, refer to the Info Sessions & Advising page or call/visit to sign up!

Study Abroad University Office

Phone: 562-985-8429

Location: Foundation Building, Suite 230

Schedule an Appointment for Planning & Approval

Option A: Schedule a time to meet with our Department Chair by emailing

Typically students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor for degree planning and course selection. However, our Department Chair for the Liberal Studies Program is very happy to meet with students one-on-one to give more in-depth knowledge on the overseas experiences our students have taken previously over the years as well as upcoming opportunities and suggestions based on career goals. Dr. Pandya has traveled to far off places several times in her life, and loves to work with students going above and beyond!

Option B: Schedule an appointment to meet with a Liberal Studies Advisor. Or send us an email with questions at

All of the Liberal Studies Academic Advisors are knowledgeable of the various study abroad courses, both upcoming and historically, largely due to the efforts of our Department Chair and Education Faculty who continue to expand and create opportunities along the way.  If you let us know which courses or locations of the world you are most interested in, we'll take a look at your academic plan and see what works for your educational goals. 

Most of the year, Liberal Studies Advisors are available on a walk-in basis during open office hours of 9:00AM-5:00PM unless otherwise noted on our website (please check online prior to arrival). And appointments can be scheduled online via Single Sign-On for a more in-depth, planned 30 minute session with an Advisor. 

Visit Financial Aid/or the Cashier's Office to Discuss Finances

Study Abroad has various opportunities for scholarships, financial aid assistance, and payment plans that students can inquire about with the Study Abroad office, but also plan alongside with a financial representative on campus. The College of Education may also include specific scholarship funds for study abroad opportunities as well.

For the Cashier's Office to discuss payments and charges, visit BH-148 or call (562) 985-8280.

For the Financial Aid Office, to discuss financial aid assistance through grants, loans, etc., visit BH-123 or call (562) 985-8403.