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College of Education SOAR

Congratulations, Future Educator! Welcome to the Liberal Studies Major, within the College of Education at CSULB.

You are entering one of the most diverse and beautiful campuses, and we are excited to help you make CSULB your new home! This website and information below is for newly-admitted Liberal Studies Students at CSULB.

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Winter 2022 Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration (SOAR)

The following information is provided to assist our newly-admitted students in navigating the university orientation experience and registration for first-semester classes at CSULB.  See below for details.

What is SOAR?

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) is a comprehensive orientation program designed to support first-semester undergraduate students in their transition – both academically and socially – to California State University, Long Beach.

New Students have two (2) required components to complete:

  • A University Orientation Component with BeachBoard Course Readings and an Orientation Workshop.
  • An Advising & Registration Component coordinated by your Advising Center (Liberal Studies / College of Education).

These two components require multiple steps, and will vary based on each major at the university. Check your personal email and your new CSULB email for updates, and read the information carefully so that you understand the process. And if you have questions along the way, reach out to us (details on this page).  It's important to complete all requirements as part of SOAR, to ensure that your enrollment at the university won't be in jeopardy.

Follow our guidelines and step-by-step process outlined below for completion of SOAR this upcoming Winter.

Step 1: Register for your Virtual Orientation Workshop

After you have submitted your 'Admitted Student Reply' and Enrollment Deposit, you will have access to make an Orientation Workshop reservation. Students select an Orientation Workshop that is automatically assigned to a corresponding registration date and college.

  • The first day to reserve a space for a SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop is Monday, November 1, 2021 at 9:00AM.
  • The deadline to reserve a space for an Orientation Workshop is Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

For directions on how to schedule an Orientation Workshop Reservation, refer to the SOAR Orientation Website

Step 2: Complete the BeachBoard Online Readings

Students will be granted access to two courses/sets of readings, in preparation for their first semester:

  1. Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course (University Information) 
  2. Advising & Registration BeachBoard Course (College-Specific Information) 

The Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course introduces students to the campus community, its resources/services, university policies, and expectations of our community members. The Advising & Registration BeachBoard Course introduces students to key basics about the College of Education and Liberal Studies Program, as well as tips for the first-semester and details on your advising team/support. 

Students may begin accessing the BeachBoard Course(s) starting on Wednesday, December 1 at 9:00AM.  We highly recommend that you complete the BeachBoard Course(s) (readings) in December, as you begin building your Spring schedule. Don't wait.

How to access the BeachBoard Course(s):

  • Login to Single Sign-On by using your BeachMail account address ( and password.
  • Select the BeachBoard icon.
  • Under My Courses, click on the 'Pre-SOAR' Course. After completing the reading, then click on the 'Advising & Registration' Course afterward.
  • Once you have finished the readings/modules - you're done with this portion!

If students have any challenges accessing Single Sign-On or BeachBoard, contact the Technology Help Desk at 562.985.4959 or

Step 3: Building a Spring 2022 Schedule

Choosing Recommended Classes

Liberal Studies students will receive their Transfer Evaluations and Recommended Spring 2022 Course Options by December 20th. 

Liberal Studies Academic Advisors will be reviewing incoming transfer credit for all of our incoming students in December. Annually, we always provide a Transfer Credit Evaluation that outlines exactly where all transferred coursework is used in meeting requirements for the Liberal Studies Program and graduation. We will provide notes individually for students, and we will highlight specifically recommended, open courses to consider enrolling into for Spring 2022.  With these notes and course recommendations, students will have the necessary tools to begin building their first-semester schedule in their Student Center shopping cart.

All Liberal Studies students will be receiving: 

  • A Transfer Credit Evaluation (indicating which degree requirements are met by which transfer credits/courses).
  • Highlighted, Recommended OPEN Course Suggestions to select from for Spring 2022 (on the Transfer Credit Evaluation).
  • What is SOAR & Registration Guide Handouts (PDFs) tailored for our transfer students, with step-by-step directions and tips.

Once you receive these items by email from a Liberal Studies Academic Advisor in December, you are ready to start putting your Spring 2022 class schedule together. You won't be enrolling just yet - but students should finalize their schedule in their Shopping Carts, so that Advisors can review and provide notes before enrollment occurs in early January.

Optional Information Session

All of our incoming students will be invited to attend an optional but highly recommended "Liberal Studies Advising & Registration Guidance" Information Session. Details will be emailed to student directly.

This session will be held on Zoom on Monday, January 3rd, 2022 from 2:00PM-3:00PM.

Ways to Access via Zoom

This session will be led by a Liberal Studies Academic Advisor and will review the transfer credit evaluation further along with the recommended course options, guidance on how to register for classes chosen in advance when the time comes, and what to expect after orientation for the Spring term. There will be time for Q&A for students at the end of the session. This is helpful to attend, so that students have a better idea in advance about how to enroll for classes once their SOAR hold is removed and interpret/use the evaluation/handouts received.

Students are not required to attend this session with the Department of Liberal Studies. We understand that not everyone is available and/or scheduling can change. The workshop will be recorded and will be sent to students who are unable to attend

Step 4: Attend the Virtual Orientation Workshop

After you have completed the online BeachBoard courses/readings and put your Spring 2022 class selections into your MyCSULB Shopping Cart, you will attend your Virtual Orientation Workshop with the university in January (based on your reservation). 

SOAR Workshop/Registration Guide
If your SOAR Workshop is on ... You can start registering for Spring 2022 classes on/at ...
Tuesday, January 4, 2021 at 10:00AM Tuesday, January 4, 2021 at 12:00PM
Wednesday, January 5, 2021 at 10:00AM Wednesday, January 5, 2021 at 12:00PM

What you will need for the Workshop:

  • A laptop, desktop, or personal device with Internet access to participate in this virtual workshop. If you have concerns about access to Wi-fi and or a laptop, please visit CSULB Laptops/Hotspots Loans.
  • Your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Confirmation which contains the Zoom link, Meeting ID and password to your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

It is recommended to join the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. For step-by-step instructions on how to join the Workshop, refer to the SOAR Orientation Website.

Students are required to participate in the entire SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop. Attendance will be taken throughout and those who successfully complete it will have their SOAR Hold permanently removed so that they can enroll for Spring 2022 classes.

Missed a Workshop? If you miss your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop, call 562-985-5515 or email SOAR ( within 24 hours of your original workshop date in order to reschedule for the next available make-up workshop in January.

Step 5: Enroll into Spring 2022 Classes

After you have attended your SOAR Virtual Workshop, you will enroll for your Spring 2022 classes.

Students will have already created their Spring 2022 schedule in their Shopping Cart of the Student Center in MyCSULB, choosing classes specifically recommended to them by Liberal Studies Academic Advisors. Once your SOAR Hold is removed from your account, you may go online and select 'Enroll' to finalize your registration.

Once you have finished enrolling for classes after attending the SOAR Workshop, you have completed all requirements of SOAR!

Liberal Studies Academic Advisors and Peer Mentors will be reviewing final schedules in January, double-checking for any changes or updates to suggest, but generally most of these reviews will take place in December as students put together their scheduling online. All in all, know that your advisors are working behind-the-scenes in double-checking your classes prior to Spring.

Liberal Studies Advising Support

Advising Assistance

If students have quick questions about their recommended courses, transfer credit or evaluation, and/or general requirements, students may contact the Liberal Studies Advising Team in the College of Education. We will not be conducting any graduation planning or extensive advising this Winter with our newest students, as that advising is saved for the first-semester. However, we are here to answer quick questions specific to your first-semester schedule, to ensure that all students are able to enroll in the best possible schedule for Spring. 

Email Assistance

Email the Liberal Studies Advisors directly at Please allow for 1-3 business days for response.

Zoom Drop-in Quick Question Assistance

Speak one-on-one with a Liberal Studies Advisor via the Teacher Preparation Advising Center Zoom Channel.

Ways to Join Zoom Channel:

Before joining the Zoom session, make sure you have access to a computer or your phone with an enabled microphone. Students are assisted on a first-come, first-serve basis with quick questions (10-15 minutes).

For our available times/days for zoom assistance, refer to our Department of Liberal Studies Homepage under 'Zoom/Virtual Assistance'

Zoom Drop-in Assistance on January 4th and 5th

For those who are unable to finalize their registration at/after 12:00PM on their SOAR Virtual Workshop date, Liberal Studies Advisors will be opening an additional zoom channel to assist, the day of. This zoom channel will be exclusively for incoming, new students who need additional support with enrolling into Spring 2022 classes. Detailed information with a zoom link will be emailed to student directly beforehand. 

After SOAR & Registration: What's Next?

First, Congratulations on completing university orientation and enrolling into your first-semester classes at CSULB! The first day of Spring 2022 classes is Thursday, January 20, 2021.

All first-semester students in the Liberal Studies program will be invited to attend 'Mandatory Transfer Advising' in Spring. You will receive an invitation by email at the beginning of the Spring semester and will select a date/time (of your choosing) to receive online advising in February. We understand that students have many questions about the program, aside from first-semester scheduling. We plan to cover a great amount of material in your first-semester advising session, to set a foundation for degree planning.  Until then, we recommend students to simply enjoy the remainder of January prior to the start of Spring Semester. Keep an eye on email communications and we'll be communicating with you again soon. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to the Liberal Studies Advising Team, anytime.

Change of Majors

With CSULB's Timely Graduation Policy and the criteria that you were admitted with for the University, a change of major request is not a guarantee. If a student would like to change their major to Liberal Studies, complete the CED Request to Change Majors Form. Advisors will begin responding to major change requests from incoming Transfers beginning/after January 7th, after we have assisted all admitted Liberal Studies students and ensured they registered successfully.