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Project Goals

Activities within The Caminos Project extend from community engagement with high school youth groups through undergraduate curricular and student support measures as well as improvements to postgraduate teaching certification programs. Some of the key project activities include:

Key Project Activities

Community Engagement

The creation of community engagement programs with high school students and parents that focus on careers in education.

Subject Matter Preparation

The creation of curricular measures in undergraduate general education programs that expedite the completion of pipeline degrees with Subject Matter Preparation Programs.

Caminos Project Learning Community

The creation of a teacher preparation learning community for undergraduates with extensive student social, emotional and academic supports for Latinx and low-income students.

Latinx Teacher Mentor Partnership

The creation of a Latinx teacher mentor partnership network for pre-service teachers in initial credential programs. 

Are you interested in mentoring students? Email: for more information. 

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) Faculty Group

The creation of professional development programs and assessments that relate to culturally responsive pedagogy in undergraduate teaching and postgraduate fieldwork and clinical practice.