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Petition for Course Equivalency

If you believe that you have taken a course that is equivalent to a prerequisite or required course in a Master’s or Advanced Credential program, you should file a Petition for Course Equivalency.  There is no other method to determine if you have completed a course which would be equivalent. These instructions and this petition form is to be used by students enrolled in either a Master’s program or Advanced Credential program.  Students who are applying to or admitted to a basic teaching credential program (Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist), should obtain instructions and petition forms in the Teacher Preparation and Advising Center (TPAC) in EED – 67.


  • All Program Requirement courses used toward a Master’s degree must be completed within 7 years. Program Prerequisite courses are exempt from this timeline, but you must be able to demonstrate current knowledge.
  • No courses completed as part of a Bachelor’s or other graduate degree may be used to meet any Program Requirements for a Master’s degree.  It is acceptable to use courses completed as part of another degree for Program Prerequisite courses only.
  • Courses used toward Master’s degree Program Requirements or Program Prerequisites must have been completed at the Upper Division Level (at CSULB these are courses numbered 300 or higher). Courses completed at community colleges cannot be used as equivalents for upper division prerequisites or Master's level courses.
  • Students must complete at least seventy percent (70%) of the required units in the degree program at CSULB in matriculated status or as approved graduate credit earned as a senior.
  • Additional regulations apply for students earning a second graduate degree. Please speak with the Graduate Studies Office.


What do I need?

  1. Fill out the Petition for Course Equivalency Petition for Course Equivalency Form (PDF) Be sure to fill out the form completely, bearing in mind the policies listed above. Review your program's curriculum to verify if the equivalency you are requesting is a Program Requirement or Program Prerequisite.
  2. Unofficial transcript or copy of official transcript showing the course taken.
  3. The course numbering system from that university to indicate that it is upper division or graduate level ( may be helpful).
  4. Copy of the course description from the catalog in effect at the college or university at the time you took the above course.  A course syllabus is preferred.
  5. Submit to the Graduate Studies Office (EED, Room 7) or Please allow at least 4 weeks for review. If you have not received a response 4 weeks from submission, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.

For additional advisement see your program coordinator or contact the Graduate Studies Office.