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Graduate Peer Mentors

The College of Education Graduate Peer Mentors support current graduate students in the College through virtual events, office hours, community building, and professional development programs. You can reach them via email at 

Your 2020-2021 Graduate Peer Mentors

Yesenia Castelan is a second year student in the School Counseling program. Yesenia is the primary mentor for students in the following programs:

Yesenia Castelan GPM 20-21

  • ​​Counseling  Psychology
  • Dual Language Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Technology & Media Leadership
  • School Counseling
  • Special Education
  • Teacher Librarianship


Louis Williams is a third year student in the Student Development in Higher Education program. Louis is the primary mentor for students in the following programs:​LW GPM 20-21​​

  • Curriculum & Instruction Elementary
  • Curriculum & Instruction Secondary
  • Educational Administration
  • School Psychology
  • Social & Cultural Analysis of Education
  • Student Development in Higher Education


The Graduate Peer Mentors want to provide all CED graduate students with resources and events that will help make their experience the best here at CSULB. With that, they need your input to make sure that they are meeting your needs! Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey and share your feedback on how they can best help you in your educational journey.


Zoom Office Hours

Graduate Peer Mentors host weekly Zoom Office Hours to answer your questions and offer support and tips for current graduate students in the College of Education.

Yesenia's  – Zoom Office Hours Spring 2021:

Tuesdays 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Visit Beach Board for Zoom Meeting link

Louis' Office Hours Spring 2021:

Tuesdays 8:00 AM – 9:30AM

Visit Beach Board for Zoom Meeting link. Please note there will be no GPM Office hours during Spring Break.


You can also reach them via email at

Community Building Events

The Graduate Peer Mentors will be hosting virtual community socials for graduate students in the College throughout the school year. Join us for some fun and games and the chance to connect with your colleagues.

Upcoming Events - Spring 2021:

Casino Game Night - Thursday, February 18th @5:00pm
Feeling lucky? Take a chance and join us for an evening of fun and casino games. It's like Vegas but in your pajamas! 
Zoom Paint Night - Friday, April 16th @5:00pm RSVP here
The Calm Before the Storm: Year End Social - Friday, April 30th @5:00pm RSVP here

Professional Development Events

The Graduate Peer Mentors will be hosting virtual professional developement events for graduate students in the College. These events will allow students to develop skills relevant to their work as counselors, teachers, education professionals, and community leaders. 

Upcoming Events - Spring 2021:

What's the Difference Between a Ph.D and Ed.D - Tuesday, March 16th @12:00pm
Which Doctorate degree is right for you? Learn about the differences between a Ph. D. and an Ed. D. and how you can decide on your next step in your educational journey. Click here for a helpful recap if you missed our event!

Wellness Room

The Graduate Peer Mentor Wellness Room is a resource curated by your mentors to provide tools and resources for your journey as a student. Visit the Wellness Room here.