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Proposed Program Fall 2019

Please note that the EDAD program curriculum is currently under revision. The following information pertains to the revised program. If the program revisions are approved (pending as of Fall 2018), then the following version of the program is what will be offered for all students beginning in fall 2019.

M.A. in Education, Option in Educational Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Educational administrators in TK-12 serve in many capacities. No matter what position an administrator holds within an educational organization, all efforts should be directed at supporting equitable academic opportunity and achievement for all students. The courses in the EDAD program are designed to prepare leaders for this important work. Emphasis is placed on (1) examining the role of a school leader, with heavy emphasis on instructional leadership (2) using data to solve problems of practice, (3) leading school improvement to create more equitable schools, (4) managing and guiding change, and (5) working collaboratively with diverse families and communities. The program's primary mission is to educate candidates who will assume leadership positions in diverse, urban, TK-12 schools and districts.


The following are required for admission to the program:

1.         Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

2.         15 upper-division units in education.

3.         Minimum 2.85 overall grade point average in last degree (not credential or certificate) earned from an accredited institution of higher education. Applicants whose overall GPA is less than 2.85 but meet the University minimum GPA requirement and who present compelling evidence of academic and professional potential either through recent academic performance and/or experiential background, may be considered for admission at the discretion of the program admission committee.

4.         A valid teaching credential or PPS credential with 3-5 years credentialed classroom teaching and/or related credentialed educational experiences. Please see the preconditions of admission from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing

International applicants have additional university application requirements including meeting the English language proficiency requirement. Please visit The Center for International Education (CIE) website at for more information.

Preference will be given to applicants with three or more years of classroom teaching and/or related educational experiences.


Candidates must apply separately to both the university and the program by posted deadlines. Please visit Application Process for additional information. 


Program Requirements

Take all of the following courses (30 units). A typical schedule for completing these units is outlined below.

Semester 1

EDAD 621A (1 unit) Seminar: Introduction to Educational Leadership

EDAD 625 (2 units) Leadership, Organizational Management, and Social Justice

EDAD 636 (3 units) Applied Research for School Leaders: Using Data for School Improvement and Equity

Semester 2

EDAD 621B (1 unit) Seminar: Equity and Educational Leadership

EDAD 651 (2 units) Urban Schools & Communities: Social, Political, and Cultural Issues

EDAD 655A (3 units) Introduction to Instructional Leadership for Equity

Summer (3 units)

EDAD 680 (3 units) Field Experience in Educational Administration

Semester 3 (9 units)

EDAD 621C (1 unit) Seminar: Collaboration and Educational Leadership

EDAD 655B (3 units) Instructional Leadership: Leading Professional Learning & School Improvement

EDAD 652 (3 units) Resources in Educational Administration

EDAD 623 (2 units) Legal Aspects of Education

Semester 4 (6 units)

EDAD 621D (1 unit) Seminar: Preparing for Educational Leadership Positions

EDAD 655C (2 units) Instructional Leadership: Teacher Supervision & Coaching

EDAD 695 (3 units) Master’s in Educational Administration Action Research Study

Exit Requirements

Exit Requirements for Master's Degree

  1. Advancement to Candidacy
  2. Complete Action Research Study
  3. File to Graduate

Exit Requirements for Preliminary Administrative Services Credential  

  1. Open a file with the university Credential Center (Note: fee required)
  2. Verification of meeting the Basic Skills Requirement and possession of a clear California credential in at least one of the following areas: teaching credential; a designated subjects credential; or a services credential with a specialization in pupil personnel services, library services, health services, or clinical rehabilitation services.
  3. Verification of five years of successful experience in a position requiring one of the credentials in item #2 above
  4. Verification of successful completion of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA). (Note: fee required)
  5. Presentation of a professional Exit Portfolio to program faculty with program artifacts of course- and field-related experiences documenting the candidate's competence and readiness to serve as a school administrator.