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Education Specialist Clear Credential

Education Specialist Clear Credential - Program Overview

NOTICE: Due to some recent changes from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, CSULB is no longer able to offer the Clear Credential program beginning for the Fall 2018 admission cycle. 


Candidates who have completed their Education Specialist Preliminary credential can earn the Education Specialist Clear Credential at CSU Long Beach. The advanced Clear Credential program prepares candidates to meet the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning needs of all students with disabilities from birth-22 under IDEA categories. Candidates must earn the Clear credential within 5 years of completing the Education Specialist Preliminary credential.

Other special education programs in the CSULB College of Education

Program Features

The Clear Credential program emphasizes 3 program features:

  1. Professional development through coursework (12 units, completed in 1 academic year)
  2. Ongoing, intensive, and individualized mentoring
  3. Formative assessment practices based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the candidate’s teaching assignment.

Program Options

Candidates can earn their Clear credentials in the following areas:

  • Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Professional Clear Credential
  • Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Professional Clear Credential

These two professional Clear credentials align with our Preliminary Credential Program at CSULB that offers both the mild/moderate and moderate/severe Preliminary credentials.

Master of Science in Special Education

Graduates may concurrently enroll in the Master of Science in Special Education Degree program at CSULB. The Master of Science in Special Education Degree program develops advanced knowledge and skills in current research in special education, and promotes reflective inquiry in special education practice. Candidates receive multiple opportunities to develop critical thinking and writing skills through coursework and the culminating capstone experience i.e., either a comprehensive exam or a thesis.