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In 2013, the college moved to a biennial reporting cycle, after several years of having programs in the unit submit annual assessment reports. The reporting cycle is aligned with the reporting cycle of the CTC.

Each program in the unit is expected to submit a biennial report in years 1, 3 and 5 of the CTC review cycle.

Biennial reports are designed to help programs demonstrate the good work they are engaged in by collecting, interpreting, and acting up data to support program improvement.

The college’s Biennial Report template (PDF) provides the framework for this reporting.

In addition to student-level performance data around program learning outcomes, the college collects and reports unit-level data related to candidate performance on key standards and surveys regarding their perceptions of their learning and the educational experience. These data are reviewed by our administrative leaders as well as key committees, such as Faculty Council and the Assessment Committee, with findings put to work to inform programs and services at the college-level.