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Make an Impact, Change the World: Jenny Franke, Educational Administration Student

Published January 16, 2019

“My work is life-changing and critical to the betterment of society. I can prepare the great minds that will shape and change our world.” College of Education graduate student, Jenny Franke, is a current teacher who knew that her impact in the world could be great. Recipient of the Teacher of the Year award for both her school and district, and also the Orange County Semi-finalist Teacher of the Year, Franke wanted to be a teacher when she realized how much positive impact she could make in the classroom. She was also aware that her impact could be even deeper as an administrator helping to improve student outcomes. Now on the path to achieve that career goal, Franke credits her graduate program as preparing her for this change. A student in the Educational Administration master’s program, Franke sees this degree as “essential” to her goal. “In an age of technology, having face-to-face lessons that were engaging led by experienced and knowledgeable professors has been wonderful and important in understanding my future role as an administrator or leader in a school district.”

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