About the Program PK-3

This program will prepare candidates for mastery of the PK-3 ECE Specialist Instruction Credential’s Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE). At the conclusion of this program, students will be prepared to successfully pass the Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) by completing courses that equip them with the knowledge and skills to: ​

1. Identify, organize, and implement a developmentally appropriate core curriculum for ALL children’s learning in the subjects of literacy, mathematics, health, and science in PK-3 settings; ​

2. Create and maintain effective environments that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive of multilingual language learners and children with disabilities or other special learning needs; ​

3. Monitor, support, assess, and document children’s development and learning through clinical practice opportunities; ​

4. Articulate the importance of taking an asset-based approach and build on children’s individual strengths and levels of growth and development; and ​

5. Develop as a professional early childhood educator. ​