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Legal Resource Center 2020

  • Need a Legal Form a Business?
  • Got a Business Idea?
  • Want a dba?
  • Jury Duty?
  • Signing a Lease?
  • Drafting Contract?
  • LSAT Material and Information? Law School?


  •  The Legal Resource Center (LRC) will be open commencing MARCH 2020 

  • Tuesday 10-11 am 
  • Thursday 9-11 am
  • Questions email are returned within 24-48 hours.
  • The LRC also can takes appointments.
  • CSULB COB Legal Resource Center
    Office: COB Room 322

Or By Appointment

If you have any legal issues, then help is here. The CBA Legal Information Clinic has the resources you need to assist you find the answers to these and other legal issues.