The deadline to apply for BIG will end Friday, May 31, at 5:00 p.m (always confirm this date with the faculty)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Beach Investment Group (BIG) for the EACH academic year. BIG oversees the management of CSULB’s student-managed investment portfolios, and the students who are accepted into BIG are tasked with the responsibility for managing over three-quarters of a million dollars on behalf of three non-profit clients -- $533,765 on behalf of the 49er Shops (the 49er SMIF Fund), $161,390 on behalf of the CSULB Research Foundation (the Seegers Fund), and $72,427 on behalf of the CFA Society of Orange County (the CFAOC SMIF Portfolio). (Note: all portfolio values are as of December 31, 2019.)

Given the magnitude of this responsibility, it is important to have the best and most qualified students possible to participate in this Program. Thus, the application process for possible participation in the BIG Program is a selective one. Filling out and submitting the application below is the first step in this process. Subsequent steps include participation in a series of BIG summer boot-camp sessions (or completion of alternative assignments, as necessary) and then participation in a final interview. The purpose of this Initial Application Form is to assist Dr. Ammermann in organizing the information of students who are interested in proceeding through the rest of the BIG application process before the final participants are selected for the BIG program.


  • Fill out the initial Application (here)
  • Attend Summer Boot camps sessions
  • Final Interview
If you are interested in the BIG Program and are willing to take on the responsibility this entails, please fill out the form below to start the application process:
Use the email you check
Undergraduate or Graduate Student
Please select all courses either currently enrolled or taken in the past :
Please describe any related experiences. For work experiences and internships include your title, length of experience, and a brief description of your duties. Includes work experience, internships, projects, investments, etc.
Boot Camp Commitment
Students interested in participating in BIG are expected to attend three 3-4-hour-long summer Boot Camp sessions designed to immerse students in an environment similar to that of the BIG work and classroom environment. Participants are expected to present their analysis and other results of the assignments that are given to them. Will you be available to attend these summer Boot Camp sessions?
If you will not be able to participate in the Boot Camp sessions, please provide an explanation of why you will not be able to attend. (Note that alternative assignments may be given to those with valid reasons for not attending.)
How did you hear about SMIF?
Academic Commitment
Can you commit to participating in BIG/SMIF for an entire academic year (FIN 499A and 499B for undergrads, or FIN 699A and 699B for graduate students)?
Unofficial Transcripts as File
To complete your submission you will have to email an unofficial Transcript please email this to Director of Beach Investment Group : (2020)
Applicants Resume as File
To complete your submission you will have to email a personal resume please email this as a PDF format to Director of Beach Investment Group: (2020)