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Graduate Career Mentor Program Spring '18 Finale

The Graduate Career Mentor Program headed by Michelle Levy, had its Final Meet Up on Thursday, May 3rd and it was chance for mentors and mentees to connect as well as provided an opportunity for the others mentees and mentors to connect with each other.  Mentees and mentors participated in speed networking rounds where they learned about the mentor’s diverse career paths and the mentee’s career goals and aspirations. 

The Graduate Career Mentor Program has been an impactful experience for both mentees and mentors.  A mentee commented, “The Graduate Career Mentor Program helped me to connect to industry experts through my mentor which helped me clarify my career interests and gave insight into different industries.”  Another mentee said “Everyone should do it.  I clicked incredibly well with mine and believe we’ll have a life long relationship.”

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Photos:  Johnny Acierto