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Apostle Incubator

The CSULB Apostle Incubator is back for all you entrepreneurs and entrepreneur dreamers! 

Every Tuesday (7-9:00 pm) we will continue our programming via Zoom Webinar!  Meeting ID: 932 2336 2192


The John and Helen Apostle Incubator was founded by MBA Alumni and partners with the Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It is an inclusive environment in which new business ideas are created and developed.  Contact us for more information. 

Our Purpose, Our Values, Our People

We seek to foster a creative and collaborative environment, so that stakeholders from multiple disciplines feel empowered to develop their passions in a tangible, practical, and innovative manner. We believe that there is an abundance of business opportunities in this world. We strive to bring to life new ideas that will help boost the unlocked potential. We believe that active collaboration is the key to success. We are a group of entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds with experience in different industries who share passion to people, technologies and critical thinking. And we enjoy bringing them together.

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Spring 2020

Jan 21 – “Maintaining Momentum in Your Business Development”
The John and Helen Apostle Incubator is back after a brief winter break.  Time to evaluate your independent progress and set new goals to support your business development.
Jan 28 – “What Prototypes Can Do for Your Business”
Alvaro Monge, Computer Science Professor at CSULB, leads this meeting to determine when it would make good business sense to finance a prototype for your business.
Feb 4 – “Pricing Guide: How to Price Your Product/Service”
Learn key factors to consider when pricing your product or service.
Feb 11 – “1-on-1 Feedback on Your Business Plan”
Come to this meeting with your business plan draft and specific questions for additional mentor support.
Feb 18 – “Startup Funding:  Ways to Grow Your Business”
Learn about different ways to generate seed funding for your business startup.
Feb 25 – “Sharing Ownership:  How to Structure Your Business Equity”
Join us for a conversation led by Rick Citron, attorney and entrepreneur specializing in business law, real estate, and succession planning.
Mar 3 – “Branding Strategies for Small Businesses”
Fabian Geyrhalter, Founder and Principal of FINIEN, shares new brand strategies in favor of today’s startups.
Mar 10 – “Find New Customers with Social and Digital Marketing”
Find your voice with Aleks Lason, COO at Chrilleks Productions and the right platform to market your product or service.
Mar 17 – “Effective Pitching for Young Entrepreneurs” w/ Ali Nagy, Founder, Creative Director, Special Projects at Mali & Friends
Improve how you introduce your business by developing a succinct personal story.
Mar 24 – “IP Protection 101: Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks”
A top level discussion on how to protect your property, earn money on your property, and not infringe on another’s property.  Presented by Steve Boyer, CSULB professor, artist, designer, inventor and entrepreneur.
Mar 31 – No Meeting
Apr 7 – “Business Pitch Presentations”
Prepare for the 2020 PitchFest competition, the Innovation Challenge, and the impromptu elevator pitch that you will need when you find yourself in the presence of a potential investor.
Apr 14 – “Online Businesses:  Ecommerce Strategies”
Explore ecommerce models that can successfully scale your online business.
Apr 21 – 5th Annual PitchFest Competition
Win cash prizes for your business idea.  Ideas and concepts pitched must be in the initial stages of development.  Space is limited.  Registration will open April 1stFind out more about this competition on the website.
Apr 28 – “Setting up a Legal Structure for Your Business”
Develop a clear understanding of each business structure and its tax implications w/Ashleigh Stone, Esq., owner and principal attorney at Stone Law & Consulting.
May 5 – “Goal Setting:  Advice for Sustaining Your Business”
Using the foundation that you have created for your business, establish the next milestones that will ensure your growth.  The John and Helen Apostle Incubator will be back this Summer for the annual Beach Entrepreneur Boot Camp.

*program is subject to change

Fall 2019

Sep 10 - Program Intro

Sep 17 - Team Building w/Jeff Bentley

Sep 24 - Innovation Challenge Mixer

Oct 1 - Business Ideation

Oct 8 - Design Thinking Workshop w/ Steve Boyer and Wesley Woelfel

Oct 15 & 22 - Business Model Canvas

Oct 29 - Developing Your MVP

Nov 5 - Market Research and Marketing Plans with Dr. Ingrid Martin

Nov 12 - Business Financials w/ Dr. Pia Gupta

Nov 19 - Business Plan Development

Dec 3 - Judging Rubrics

Dec 10 - 1-on-1 Mentoring