Changes with SSO Update

Have you experienced either of the following issues?

  • Loss of Data Warehouse (DWH) and CFS chicklets within SSO
  • Inability to login to the CFS


As a result of the transition of Single Sign-On (SSO) services from OKTA to My Apps by ITS, you may need to set new bookmarks or adjust your business steps.  If you are having challenges, perform the following steps to determine if they resolve your issue.

  1. Access – you will see a new look and feel which looks similar to the followingSSO chiclets
  2. Replace existing bookmarks within your browser.  If you need to replace a bookmark on your mobile device, ITS has created an article on "How to Create a Shortcut on Mobile Devices".
  3. In combination with the change to My Apps a decision was made to enhance campus security by timing out access to CFS and DWH after 60 minutes of inactivity.  If this occurs, you must close all instances of your browser window completely, re-open the browser window, and re-authenticate via DUO or the keyfob.

If you have tried all of the above steps and continue to experience issues, we are here to partner with you and work to find a solution. Just reach out to us at