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About the Center


CEEE promotes effective educational programs and services for students at all educational levels, in both formal and informal settings. We accomplish this through using an interdisciplinary, capacity-building, PK20 perspective to:

  • Examine the effectiveness of practices, programs, and services for advancing equity, access, and achievement in educational settings;
  • Support the application of data-based, high-impact practices, programs and services;
  • Encourage innovation and effectiveness in organizational, instructional, and programmatic practice;
  • Work with partners to develop effective practices for urban education.


We seek to:

  1. Promote effective educational programs and services to facilitate the success of all populations across educational levels.
  2. Facilitate a culture of inquiry at CSULB (within the College of Education and throughout the campus) regarding practical questions related to delivering effective programs and services.
  3. Advance student learning of evaluation and research through training and experience.
  4. Build and support research and grant capacity within the College of Education.

Our Services

The Center provides the following services:

  • Initial consultations on program development and evaluations (evaluability assessments)
  • Program development, including logic model development and program design
  • Formative and summative program evaluations
  • Evaluations of resource allocation for alignment with strategic goals and priorities
  • Survey development and administration
  • Interview and focus group protocol development and administration
  • Program implementation and leadership consultation
  • Literature reviews

Areas of Expertise

We have access to graduate-level expertise from across the entire university for our evaluations, studies, and projects. This access means we can contribute to almost any educational or community endeavor. In particular, areas of expertise include:

General Areas of Expertise

  • Support for and challenges of first generation, low income, and/or traditionally underrepresented students
  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • The educational change process, from conception to adoption to implementation to outcome assessment, for sustainable change

PK 12 Areas

  • Teacher preparation and professional development
  • LCAP and LCFF implementation

Higher Education Areas

  • Student success in STEM fields
  • Supporting traditionally underrepresented students
  • Undergraduate and graduate student success
  • Assessment of student learning
  • College student development
  • Faculty development