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BUILD Associates Program

NOTE: We are not recruiting for the Associates program for the 2019/2020 cohort.

BUILD Associates Research Training Program

If you have at least three years before completing your degree program at the time of the application, you can apply to the one-year-long Associates research training program. BUILD Associates receive hands-on research training with a BUILD Faculty Mentor and have the following training requirements.

Training Activities and Components

⇒ Faculty-Mentored Research

BUILD Associates will participate in research under the direction of a BUILD Faculty Mentor. Trainees are expected to spend on average 15 research hours per week during the semester.

⇒ BUILD Learning Community Seminar

BUILD Associates are required to participate in a 2-week summer learning community, Preparing for Research Excellence Program (PREP), in July and enroll in a 1-unit Learning Community Seminar (UNIV 295) in Fall and Spring Semesters (no exceptions). If mandatory course conflicts arise, arrangements can be made for students to make up the work in GA office hours for learning community during the academic year.

⇒ BUILD Research Curriculum

BUILD Associates are required to take either RSCH 296B or RSCH 296A (3-unit course) or an approved substitute during the academic year. Trainees are welcomed and encouraged to take RSCH 207 if it can fit in their schedule and degree program timeline.

  • Introduction to Research Methods (RSCH 296B Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods and RSCH 296A Introduction to Biomedical Research Methods)
    • Introduction to research design & hypothesis testing
    • Data measurement, analysis, and presentation
    • Review of scientific literature

Note: The course is cross-listed in multiple colleges. Student should enroll in the course within their respective college/discipline. Certain courses required by student’s major may be used to substitute the Introduction to Research Methods (IRM) requirement. In such case, students should take the course required by their major program and take HHS 207 for the curriculum requirement. See list of approved courses (PDF).

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health Disparities (RSCH 207)
    • Multidiscipline approach to health issues & disease
    • Develop an understanding of cultural & personal relevance of research
    • Supports a culturally-relevant science identity

Note: HHS 207 satisfies GE Category D2 (Social Science and Citizenship) and Human Diversity GE requirements

⇒ Responsible Conduct of Research

BUILD Associates are required to complete online and face to face training in Responsible Conduct of Research. A minimum of 8 hours must be completed within the year.

⇒ BUILD Research Colloquium Attendance

BUILD Associates are required to attend two BUILD Research Colloquium talks in each semester.



There will not be a BUILD Associate Program for the 2019-2020 School Year