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Purpose & Goals

Purpose and Goals of BUILD

CSULB BUILD Trainees practice presenting their research at the Summer Symposium

The overall goal of CSULB BUILD is to strengthen and develop a sustainable pipeline for advanced research degrees for underrepresented students (URS) in health-related research. The program does this by providing a supportive infrastructure to facilitate their engagement and retention.

To support this goal, CSULB BUILD engages in a variety of activities, including:

  • Create an innovative, culturally responsive and transformative student training program that addresses barriers to success (institutional, structural, environmental and individual) informed by our BUILD Planning grant
  • Create rigorous health-related training and mentorship opportunities for URS to become outstanding research scientists
  • Bridge health-related sciences across programs, departments, and colleges with the common goal of increasing the number of URS in the health-related research workforce
  • Provide faculty development activities to enhance culturally competent mentorship of URS and increase research infrastructure, competitiveness, and capacity for faculty
  • Strengthen partnerships with pipeline and research campuses -- leading to increased opportunities for faculty and students