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How BUILD Works

How the CSULB BUILD Training Program Works

The CSULB BUILD Training Program aims to provide a continuum of support and training for a broad, comprehensive model that holistically addresses individual, interpersonal, cultural, academic and structural factors. Research training can begin the sophomore year and continue to senior with a possible option of a 5th-year Research Certificate Option. As the BUILD I program winds down, ending June 2018, we are preparing for the possibility of BUILD II, where the focus will be on institutionalizing the best practices we learned in BUILD I and disseminating information to other campuses.

Our training program can be broadly divided into courses and training activities. Courses reflect our research-infused curriculum that progressively builds research knowledge and skills. Students also enroll in a Learning Community seminar during the academic year where many of the non-laboratory-based research training takes place.

The seamless research training is made possible through the summer research experiences and internship.

Training activities include faculty-mentored research, research colloquia, responsible conduct of research and GRE preparation.

Family outreach and engagement begins early with outreach. Formal training begins with an induction ceremony to which family members are invited. Students’ accomplishments are celebrated at the graduation ceremony with their families.