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no barriers

Adopted in 2017, the "No Barriers" tagline captures the spirit of Cal State Long Beach, reflects our broader public purpose, and rallies members of The Beach community to unleash their potential and create possibilities.

To quote Thomas Edison, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

That’s the spirit of "No Barriers." It is optimistic, can-do, and energetic.

Divisions, colleges, and programs of the university may not develop their own taglines, but should instead use and reinforce the university's tagline.


go beach

"Go Beach!" is a popular, informal refrain used widely by university stakeholders in expressing encouragement and pride in the institution, including as a cheer at sporting events.


one beach

This phrase and hashtag emerged in 2020 in reference to our unified, collaborative, and powerful Beach spirit in responding to difficult and complex challenges affecting our campus community. A OneBeach website was also launched in 2020 as an online space to present action plans, offer resources, affirm our deepest values, and chart our course together as one university.