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Color Palette

White should be the most-used color in our color palette. It grounds the other colors and helps them shine with the greatest intensity. Your design should begin with white. Then add color to the mix. Layouts that lack prominent white space – or that are flooded with yellow, gray, or black – lose their energy.

The primary university colors are white, yellow, and black. Gray (70% black) can be used for body copy.


R:236 G:170 B:0

C:7 M:35 Y:100 K:0


100% Black


For richer black, please check with your printer's optimal specifications.

PANTONE 115C PANTONE 424C (Or 70% Black)

R:255 G:218 B:39

C:1 M:11 Y:93 K:0


R:112 G:114 B:113

C:57 M:47 Y:48 K:14