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Brand Central

Values, meaning and personalityThe dynamic Cal State Long Beach brand is formed by our University's values, the meaning of our programs and impact, and our personality.

It is at the intersection of these three areas that our stakeholders are best enabled to understand our brand promise and assess our relevancy, consistency, credibility, and authenticity. Over time, these factors allow our stakeholders to determine if they trust the CSULB brand, which is the foundation for engagement and investment.

We have a responsibility to care for and thoughtfully shape this strategic asset that is our brand. This site helps empower members of our campus community to be brand ambassadors and stewards.

The brand guidance presented here emerged from research conducted from 2017 through 2020. While this website focuses primarily on issues of brand personality, the vision presented here offers an exciting and compelling framework for best connecting with our many audiences.


Our values as a community are the foundation of our brand. They inform our decision-making, how we relate to one another, and how we plan for our future. Further, our external stakeholders are continually looking at how we live our values to assess alignment with their own values. While not yet finalized, the following draft goals have emerged through the Beach 2030 strategic-planning process as those principles that are prized by – and indeed power – our community: 

  • Teaching and learning are at the center of who we are.
  • Diversity is our strength.
  • The public good is our responsibility.
  • Compassion, creativity, and innovation characterize our work.


The strength of our academic programs are central to our brand promise. Moreover, it is the meaning of this educational mission – and the mark we make on the lives of students, our broader community, and this state – that really illustrates a compelling vision of what this brand stands for and why it is investment-worthy. In celebrating the university, linking our work to key themes that illuminate this deeper meaning of the institution strengthens our ability to shape our brand. These themes represent concepts that the university reliably delivers to it stakeholders. It should be noted that these content themes are meant to complement, but not replicate, the themes of the Beach 2030 strategic plan.

  • Distinctive 
    The Beach is ranked as one of the top public universities in the country. 
  • Empowering
    A Beach education is an accessible pathway to heightened social mobility and personal transformation. 
  • Experiential
    Hands-on, immersive learning experiences in and outside of the classroom deepen and enrich a Beach education. 
  • Inclusive
    The Beach is strengthened by and benefits from its vibrant diversity.  
  • Impactful
    Our graduates individually – and the university as a whole – show the power and reach of The Beach as a catalyst for our state and our communities. 


Our brand personality comes to life through our visual identity, our language and tone, and our behavior. The institutional personality concepts appearing below help define The Beach brand, guiding graphic design, copywriting and speechwriting, and even things like event design. Our institution's brand personality is the bulk of the content explored on this Brand Central website.

  • Bold
  • Dynamic
  • Colorful
  • Elegant
  • Dignified