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Housing Administration Office

The Administration and Commons Building Project will construct two new buildings: a two-story, 8,000 GSF commons building and a single story, 4,500 GSF HRL office building. The two buildings will flank a photovoltaic-panel-covered central courtyard that will serve both, and the main entrances to the two buildings will face each other across the courtyard. Five one- and two-bedroom apartments and an outdoor terrace will be provided on the second floor of the proposed commons building to replace and augment two one-bedroom apartments that will be lost to demolition of the existing Hillside Office/Commons building. Approximately 400 solar photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs of the two buildings and the central courtyard canopy. Following construction, the project will generally serve the same function as the existing Hillside Office/Commons building, providing office space and a location for students to study and recreate.

Site work associated with the project will address existing accessibility deficiencies in the Hillside residential complex by providing accessible ramps and sidewalks between the new and existing buildings within the complex. The Earl Warren Drive median in front of the existing Hillside Office/Commons building will be removed, and street lanes adjusted, to accommodate the proposed building footprints. Additionally, the existing northern and southern medians would be shortened and accessible drop off areas provided in front of the new building.

This project will be LEED Platinum and full Living Building Challenge Certified.

  • Total Project Cost: $15,600,000
  • Construction Start Date: July 2020
  • Construction Completion Date: September 2021
  • Project Deliver Method: Collaborative Design Build
  • Architect: Gensler
  • Design Builder: McCarthy
  • University Design and Construction Team:
    • Lisa Salgado,  Project Manager
    • Satish Sadhu,  Construction Manager
    • Taylor Gibbons,  Project Engineer
    • Danny Blakely,  Inspector of Record