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When is my office scheduled to be cleaned?

Routine office cleaning is provided once a week. Classroom cleaning is provided daily.

What is the turnaround time for moves? What is the procedure to make the move more efficient?

Moves are scheduled ona weekly basis and need to be submitted at least 5 working days in advance of your move. All items to be moved must be clearly marked. Smaller items such as books and papers should be placed in boxes. Boxes are available through the Facilities Management warehouse. Call Service Response for information at ext. 5-4357

Can I just leave items in the hallways to be picked up and disposed of?

Leaving items in corridors is in violation of Building & Fire codes. Custodians do not dispose of items other than the trash. If you need items removed from your area, a move request should be submitted to Service Response at ext. 5-4357

How do I obtain tables and chairs for events?

Event planners may submit a service order request form to Service Response for the requested equipment at least 1 week prior to the event.

There is a rodent or insect problem in my building, who should I contact?

Contact Service Response at extension 5-4357 (5-HELP)

Lights are out. Room is too hot / cold. Bathroom fixtures are overflowing.

Contact Service Response at extension 5-4357 (5-HELP)


Who is responsible for unlocking classrooms?

Classrooms are to be unlocked by custodians. Please call Service Response if you have trouble with classrooms being locked.

Someone locked my file cabinet and I need it opened.

If you do not have a file cabinet key, you will need to have one authorized to you. You will need to have a key card completed and authorized. You will have to supply the lock number (imprinted on the lock) in order for Key Issue to cross reference the hook number. If you need immediate access, you will have to call University Police to open the cabinet since this is considered personal property.

My key broke off in the lock and I need a Locksmith.

Call Service Response to generate a work order for the locksmith to check the lock. To obtain a new key, take the parts of the key you have to Key Issue and the key will be replaced.

My key will not open the door and has the same number on the key as other people.

The key may be defective, i.e., a bad cut, worn or a burr on it. Take the key back to Key Issue and a new key will be issued.

My room has been re-keyed. Can I turn in my key and get the new key?

The old key has to be returned. In order to obtain the new key, a new Key Issue card must be completed and authorized to receive a new key.

I requested a key to an area which has been renovated into an office. What key do I need?

Rooms are often renovated creating two rooms or the department has requested the rooms be renumbered as suites. Sometimes the floor plans will not reflect the change before a key is requested. To accurately issue a key, supply the lock number inscribed on the door hardware (plate/knob) and Key Issue will cross reference to match with a key.

I received a bill in the mail stating I owe a fee for keys, why?

You received a bill because your department didn't authorize you to retain keys for the subsequent semester. An academic freeze was also placed against your academic record. In order to lift the freeze and release the fine, you must turn in your keys or have your department submit a memo to us authorizing you to retain the keys for the current semester.

I lost my keys. What do I do?

  • Report loss to Key Issue who will initiate the proper paperwork for payment.
  • If deemed necessary, you will be instructed to report the loss to University Police and obtain a crime log number.
  • Take form to cashier's office who will in turn verify the payment on the form.
  • If you need replacement keys, a new Key Issue card must be submitted with appropriate signatures.
  • Bring the validated payment slip and new card to Key Issue.

I found my lost keys. How do I get my money back?

Return the original keys that were reported lost. Key Issue will document accordingly and initiate the refund paperwork.

We have a new file cabinet and need to get duplicate keys made. What do I do?

Prepare the Work Order form and attach a key. We will enter it into the system, cut another key to keep on file and give it a state key number. Your key plus the assigned number will be returned to you.

Can I get a duplicate key for my assistant?

Unfortunately, it is against University policy to issue duplicate keys to one individual. Too many keys invites security and safety risks. If your assistant needs a key, they will have to follow the normal procedure and have a key issued in their name.

I teach a class on the weekend, Will the building be open or do I need a key.

Have your department contact Academic Scheduling who will in turn place the request on their room opening schedule. University Police is responsible for buildings being opened on the weekends and holidays.