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Beach 2030 Resources

Imagine BEACH 2030 is on November 14 -15, and those days are quickly approaching. Here are some resources that can help you engage and promote the university's two - year visioning process, which we are calling "BEACH 2030".

Be sure to check back, this page will continue to grow with more resources to help make Imagine BEACH 2030 and all of your individual events a success!

It's time for the entire Beach community to come together to make this process a success. Go Beach!

Here's how to get started:

  1. RSVP today - then tell your friends, colleagues and family to RSVP as well!
  2. Spread the word!
    1. Printed materials will be available for order through the University Print Shop. Start printing your posters and handbills today!
    2. Swag and giveaway items are available for individual ordering.
    3. Digitial graphics will also be available for download so that you can spread the word through your website, email communications and social media. Download your digital ads today!
  3. Attend an Information Session or Tools for the Future Training to learn more.
  4. Organize a BEACH 2030 event, but be sure to share the details with us so we can help promote it. 
  5. Download our BEACH 2030 Toolkit (PDF). It is a comprehensive guide to:
    1. Learn what Imagine BEACH 2030 is all about.
    2. How the platform for online conversation will work on November 14 - 15.
    3. A more complete action checklist to better engage in the upcoming event.
    4. How to create a group gathering.
    5. Additional FAQs
  6. Additional Documents