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How to Get Involved

Whether you’re a student seeking a marketable degree, a professor working to build cross-disciplinary perspectives into your online syllabus, a staff member hoping to improve your team’s efforts, a local health services organization recruiting CSULB interns, or a community leader working to achieve equitable access to learning for everyone, BEACH 2030 will give voice to your aspirations.

BEACH 2030 is for everyone:

  • Faculty may join BEACH 2030 events, volunteer to support the process in structured groups that emerge, engage their classes in thinking about the future of the university in the context of their course content, and participate in the Imagine BEACH 2030 event as individuals or with their classes. Colleges will also participate in generating and responding to signals of change and trends that may impact them.

  • Staff will be able to join BEACH 2030 events that may be sponsored by their division or the university as a whole. As a staff member, you will have a unique opportunity to voice your perspectives in the online Imagine BEACH 2030 conversation, both individually and as part of a department or team.

  • Students are encouraged to explore opportunities for engagement throughout the process, joining BEACH 2030 events that may be sponsored by the university, their college, or individual courses. As a student, you will be an essential voice in the online Imagine BEACH 2030 event, contributing either individually or as part of a course.

  • Alumni are invited to participate in BEACH 2030 events sponsored by the university or their colleges. The online Imagine BEACH 2030 conversation will provide a special opportunity for you, as an alum, to contribute remotely to the vision of CSULB over the coming decade and beyond.

  • Community stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of university-sponsored events. They will be included in focus groups and encouraged to join the online Imagine BEACH 2030 conversation to build a new vision of the relationship between CSULB, the community, and the larger region.