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BEACH 2030 Workshops

Exploring Strategic Priorities and Values

Five institutional workshops were held with faculty, staff, students, and administrators to refine and strengthen the draft university values and strategic priorities.

The workshops were designed to engage stakeholders to imagine new possibilities for the university by 2030. In groups, participants generated ideas and insights on the draft university values and strategic priorities to help shape CSULB’s Strategic Plan for 2030.

To view the ideas and opportunities generated from the workshops, download the PDF iconBEACH 2030 workshop summary.


March 20 Workshop

March 20, 2019 

March 21 workshop group portrait

March 21, 2019 

March 22 workshop group portrait

March 22, 2019 

April 11 workshop group portrait

April 11, 2019 

April 12 workshop group portrait

April 12, 2019