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ATS News January 2021


ATS Services

Watch our video to learn about ATS support and some upcoming programs!

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Faculty, Staff, and Student Development Programs

  • Faculty Development
    ATS is offering several professional development opportunities for faculty, through Spring 2021, with a special emphasis on alternative modes of instruction (AMI). The Online Learning Studio, presently underway, is designed to support faculty in teaching AMI, online, and hybrid courses. Now in development, a new, Quality Essentials Certificate Program is a custom, rubric-based program, that will provide our faculty the opportunity to further enhance their online and hybrid courses. ATS is also offering a peer-review training for faculty with Dr. Nancy Quam-Wickham, using adapted standards provided by Quality Matters. The goal is to build a community of peer-reviewers on campus who could assist their colleagues with AMI, online, and hybrid course development. For more information about these programs, contact
  • Student Development
    To help students cope with online learning, ATS has partnered with the Learning Center, and ASI, and is offering the CSULB Student Online Learning Success Program. This program will culminate in a live web-conference scheduled for February 5th and 12th, where students, staff, and faculty will discuss issues related to online and alternative mode of instruction, as well as nuances of working online. 
  • Staff Development
    Visit our new Resources for Working Remotely site, designed as a one-stop shop for key technology and training you''ll need to work off campus. 

Successful Pilot Test of New Process for Importing Final Grades

ATS and Enrollment Services have collaborated to develop a new application that automates the import of students' final grades into Faculty Center/PeopleSoft with the simple click of a button. With the existing process, instructors must manually copy grades from their personal or BeachBoard files and paste them into the PeopleSoft system, which can be a time-consuming task for those with long class lists.

The new grade transfer process piloted in the Fall 2020, with over 426 classes successfully importing over 13,547 grades.

See What's New in BeachBoard for Spring 2021

New Zoom Features

  • Live Transcription:  Zoom now provides speech-to-text transcription in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. Once enabled by the host, live transcripts will appear at the bottom of the screen. To see how to enable this feature, visit our Zoom support page. NOTE:  Zoom Live Transcription should NOT be used in place of an accommodation for someone with a disability as it does not meet legal criteria.
  • Enhanced Co-host Privileges Over Breakout Rooms:  Co-hosts now have the same breakout room controls as the meeting host, such as starting or ending breakout rooms, assigning participants, etc.

Equipment Loans for Lecture Recording

ATS provides basic equipment for recording your class lectures such as microphones and cables and can ship smaller items to your home address. See our full list of equipment available. These two exciting new tools have just been added to the list:

  • Mobile Learning Glass
    Often referred to as a "transparent whiteboard," or "light board," The Learning Glass is a panel of heavy-duty glass set in an upright frame and illuminated with LED lights around the perimeter of the glass. The Mobile Learning Glass is a smaller, portable version of our ATS Studio system and is available for personal use in your home or office to record lectures for CSULB courses. Visit our Learning Glass website for more information and instructions for checking it out.
  • Wacom Tablet
    Wacom Tablets are somewhat akin to an iPad, but have a matte-textured surface you draw on using a digital pen stylus provided with the tablet. The tablet is connected to your computer through a USB cable so you can watch on screen as you a draw, design, edit photos (and more!). The pen stylus give you more precise control than a mouse to achieve finer lines and freehand expression.

Join Our Software Pilots

Interested in trying some new tools to engage your remote audience? Contact if you'd like to participate in our pilot test programs of the following software tools, soon to be available campus-wide.

  • Gradescope  |  Gradescope Resource Document
    Gradescope helps instructors grade assessments or exams online. After grading is completed, data of the exam or assessment is displayed on a dashboard and can be downloaded as an Excel file. The workflow allows students to receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work, and allows instructors to see detailed assignment and question analytics. It is an easy way to take submissions digitally and allow for quick and easy viewing from anywhere.
  • Labster
    Labster offers fully interactive virtual laboratory simulations designed to stimulate students’ natural curiosity and highlight the connection between science and the real world. The simulations can be used in a variety of different ways, from a full lab replacement to a supplemental learning activity. Labsters offers over 150 virtual laboratory simulations including biology, chemistry, physics, and general sciences.
  • PlayPosit Interactive Video
    As an interactive, web-based video platform, PlayPosit allows instructors to provide formative assessment both inside and outside the classroom. Instructors are able to embed quiz-type questions into videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, and other popular video platforms. Data can then be analyzed on the individual or group level, providing powerful insight into learning trends in the classroom.
  • Poll Everywhere  |  Poll Everywhere Resource Document 
    Using Poll Everywhere, students can vote on instructor-generated polls through text messaging with a smartphone, handheld device, tablet, laptop, or computer. Poll Everywhere can be used as a formative assessment strategy that enhances and amplifies classroom discussion, participation, and understanding. In addition to the interactive nature of the tool, polls can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations for real-time audience participation.