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ATS Newsletter


dr. j using the learning glass

Building Community Through the Learning Glass:

Faculty Interviews with Dr. Noel Marie Spina and Dr. Jasmine Yur-Austin

The Learning Glass offers a unique and dynamic approach for presenting course content in a remote teaching environment. Listen to our interviews with Dr. Noel Marie Spina and Dr. Jasmine Yur-Austin and learn how they each used the Learning Glass in their own ways to connect with students.

Academic Technology Services offers a mobile Learning Glass kit which comes with all the equipment and instructions needed to record lectures or teach synchronously.

blackboard ally indicators

Blackboard Ally Coming to Fall 2021 Courses

When accessing your Fall BeachBoard courses this year, you'll notice some new and exciting features! Blackboard (Bb) Ally will be available as an option to all instructors for the first time on May 10, the date when Fall BeachBoard courses are released.

Bb Ally will not change your BeachBoard courses or original materials, but will help you better understand how to provide accessible course content to students with a diverse range of learning needs and preferences. Visit our Blackboard Ally website for more information.

Blackboard Ally Workshops

Monthly Through August |  1-Hour Sessions  |  Details & Registration

Get your course materials ready for Fall and learn how Bb Ally can work for you. Join one of our monthly workshops offered through the summer to see a demonstration of Ally in BeachBoard. Get tips and resources to get started now!
Our next workshop is Friday, May 14 from 10am-11am.


Instructional Tools Training Events

Refresh your skills or learn some new ones! Check out the new "Instructional Tools Training by Vendors" section of our ATS Events and Workshops web page to find on-going training events offered by company experts on some of our most popular tools, including Zoom, Camtasia, Kaltura and more.

beachboard tips

Grading in BeachBoard

With the end of the semester soon approaching, it’s a good time to get your BeachBoard course Grade Book ready for final grade calculations. Learn more about the Grades tool with these tutorials created by D2L Brightspace, the developers behind BeachBoard:

For assistance with your Grade Book or other BeachBoard features, contact