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Along with program-specific professional, state, and national standards, the UAS is guided by the College Conceptual Framework, NCATE, and CSULB standards. Programs’ student learning outcomes are mapped to these standards on program assessment plans as appropriate and data are aggregated at the college level to examine performance in specific areas.

College Conceptual Framework Elements

Full Description Short-hand
Effective Pedagogy Effective Pedagogy
Evidence-based Practices Evidence-based Practices
Collaboration Collaboration
Leadership Leadership
Innovation Innovation
Scholarship Scholarship
Advocacy Advocacy

NCATE Standard 1 Elements

Full Description Short-hand For Which Programs
Content knowledge for teacher candidates (Standard 1a) Content Knowledge Teacher Prep
Pedagogical content knowledge and skills for teacher candidates (Standard 1b) Pedagogical Content Knowledge Teacher Prep
Professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills for teacher candidates (Standard 1c) Professional knowledge and skills Teacher Prep
Student learning for teacher candidates (Standard 1d) Student learning Teacher Prep
Knowledge and skills for other school professionals (Standard 1e) Knowledge and skills – other Other School Professionals
Student learning for other school professionals (Standard 1f) Student learning-other Other School Professionals
Professional dispositions for all candidates Professional Dispositions All NCATE Programs

CSULB Learning Outcomes

Full Description Short-hand
Well-prepared with communication, numeracy and critical thinking skills to successfully join the workforce of California and the world or to pursue advanced study Well-prepared
Critically and ethically engaged in global and local issues Engaged in global and local issues
Knowledgeable and respectful of the diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures Knowledge and respect for diversity
Accomplished at integrating the skills of a liberal education with disciplinary or professional competency Integrating liberal education
Skilled in collaborative problem-solving, research, and creative activity Collaborative problem solving