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Creating an Assessment Plan

Assessment plans are management tools that communicate each program’s commitment to ongoing program assessment and improvement. Each program is expected to have a complete and up-to-date assessment plan as part of the UAS. The components of a strong assessment plan include:

  • Clearly articulated outcomes.
  • Signature assignments or other data (e.g., admissions data, surveys) that will provide appropriate evidence related to each transition point and outcome.
  • A stated timeline for data collection linked to each outcome.
  • Alignment of outcomes with the college conceptual framework, CSULB outcomes, NCATE Standard 1 elements, and other relevant professional standards.

You can access the college’s assessment plan template, to create your program’s assessment plan, below:

Assessment Plan Template (PDF | MS Word)

If you already have a completed plan and would like to make edits, please contact the Assessment Office.

Once the outcomes have been identified, the curriculum map created, and the location of the signature assignments established, and the assessment plan developed, it is time to create the signature assignments and their related rubrics.