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Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee oversees and maintains the Unit Assessment System (UAS) that informs faculty and unit practice to foster student learning and success. The committee makes recommendations to the Assessment Coordinator and college administration on infrastructure needs for the development and maintenance of the UAS, and evaluates and adjusts the UAS (at the unit, department and program levels) to ensure effective implementation. The committee facilitates communication at all levels (internal and external organizations) regarding the goals and implementation of the UAS and reviews unit-level data on initial and advanced programs and makes recommendations for improvements.

Membership includes the Assessment Coordinator and other faculty elected from:  the department of Educational Psychology, Administration and Counseling (2), the department of Liberal Studies (1), the Single Subject Credential Program (1), the department of Teacher Education (2), and department chairs (EdPAC, Liberal Studies, Teacher Education and Single Subject).  The Dean, in consultation with the assessment coordinator, shall appoint 2 at-large faculty.  The dean or designee, 2 community members (appointed by the Dean), and a representative from Institutional Research serve ex-officio.

Membership on the Assessment Committee is open to all full-time faculty members: tenured, tenure-track, and lecturers. Members from the same department or appointed by the dean serve staggered 3-year terms and may be re-elected or re-appointed, but shall not serve more than 2 consecutive terms, with the exception of the Assessment Coordinator.

The voting membership is composed of elected and appointed faculty members, including department chairs. The committee chair is elected from the faculty by the voting members on an annual basis.

2016-17 Members

Last Name First Name Department
Boyd-Batstone Paul Teacher Ed
Grace Lori Community Member
Hsieh Betina Teacher Ed
Isbell Lisa Teacher Ed
Keirn Tim Single Subject
Lund Christopher Community Member
Masunaga Hiromi ASEC
Ortiz Anna Educational Leadership
Pandya Jessica Liberal Studies
Pavri Shireen Interim Dean
Rexaei Ali Assessment Coordinator
Scott Jim Educational Leadership
Williams Emyr Single Subject
  Vacant ASEC
  Vacant ASEC
  Vacant At-Large Faculty
  Vacant At-Large Faculty