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Jhaicelle Laron

Published April 30, 2019

My Beach Experience

I love CSULB! It has been a home to me for the past 2 years and the time has flown by so fast! I really dove in when I transferred here and met many different individuals that have shaped my experience here. I think my time here was well rounded and I am grateful to CSULB for giving me the chance to meet my friends for life!

My Path to CSULB

I transferred to CSULB Fall of 2017 from my local community college from my hometown. I spent 2 years there after I graduated high school and didn’t participate in anything on campus, but I did work a lot with my regular job and internship before I transferred. I wanted a school that was close to LA, but had the hometown feel. I love Long Beach because there is something for everyone here. I am happy that I transferred to CSULB because I feel a part of the community and school.

Life after The Beach. What is next after school?

After I graduate, I hope to get a job in Marketing/Advertising. There are many different sectors that I am interested in working in such as the entertainment, technology, and the retail industries. I don’t have anything cemented down yet, but I will. For my life, I hope to always challenge myself and learn something new. The most important goals I have is to travel and learn, but ultimately I want to be happy.

Why did you get involved with the myBeach program and CSULB Alumni?

I got involved with this program because I love CSULB and I want to always be a part of this community.

What does it mean for you, to give back and donate through the BPT?

Giving back is so important! I have received scholarships that have continually funded my education and relieve my financial worries. I am so grateful for the help I got throughout my time here at CSULB.