CSULB Alumni Council Expectations

CSULB Alumni Vision

A spirited and engaged Alumni Council that works in partnership with CSULB to advance the University’s mission.


Council Expectations

Council Members exist to promote alumni engagement opportunities to connect alumni skills and expertise with activities and events that support and advances CSULB and its global community.  Members are expected to fulfill and honor their commitment to the council by working closely with their Committee Chair and Council President to determine and complete individual responsibilities.



  • Become familiar with alumni programs and activities that are sponsored, organized and coordinated by CSULB, and participate in them when possible. 
  • Keep abreast of campus news by reading alumni publications and other University material; by checking the University’s alumni website and other avenues of social media on a regular basis; by contributing to discussion boards / commentaries.


  • Be a passionate and engaged partner with CSULB to Advance the University’s mission. 
  • Play an active role between the regular meetings of the Alumni Council by engaging with alumni and communicating about the Alumni Council and the University through their personal CSULB network and professional networks, and whenever other opportunities arise. This includes sharing updates on matters impacting CSULB and its alumni body, as well as soliciting feedback, ideas and input from alumni. 
  • Cultivate relationships with campus leaders and partners.


  • Attend two (2) meetings of the full Alumni Council that are held each academic year. 
  • Actively participate, engage and work in the Taskforces of their choice. This includes providing feedback to the Taskforce Chair and through their taskforce roles, providing advice and support to campus partners. 
  • Provide feedback and ideas to help make the Alumni Council and the alumni networks more meaningful to alumni, students and the University
  • Serve on at least one taskforce.
  • Provide a timely response to request and notices.


  • Participate financially with a minimum donation of $1500 each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to CSULB and in the University’s public fundraising campaigns. Financial support can be allocated to any college, department or project on campus and distributed based on your wishes. 
  • Encourage other CSULB Alumni to support the university financially.