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Alumni Grants Program

28th Annual Alumni Grants Program

Nearly $925,000 has been distributed through this program since its founding in 1991.

The Alumni Grants Program was created to enhance our academic departments and non-academic programs, enriching the student experience and providing a lasting impact to the university. The recipients are selected by committees composed of alumni.


The 2017 Alumni Grants recipients were selected by the Alumni Association board of directors. A grand total of $49,225 was awarded to 10 programs.

We appreciate the sponsorship of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union toward this program.

  • Athletics: Smart room equipment for Ukleja Center. Bonnie Gasior. $7,422.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Microsoft HoloLens to teach “mixed reality”. Shadnaz Asgari. $3,000.
  • Center for Education in Proteomics Analysis: Waters Micromass API-US Mass Spectrometer. Yuanyu (Kent) Lee. $7,500.
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Laboratory balances for organic chemistry. Ken Nakayama and Chris Brazier. $3,749.
  • Geography: UAV (aka “drone”) for Geospatial Applications. Paul Laris. $7,500.
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: CSULB lightboard to bring a kind of virtual reality into the classroom. David A. Stout. $7,498.
  • Speech-Language Pathology: Assessment tests software for graduate student clinicians and clinic client’s. Alaine Ocampo. $2391.
  • STEMx: Sisters in Motion, Stay in Motion: Programming materials. Melissa Norrbom. $665.
  • Theatre Arts: Design CAD software to train students in theatrical design. Chris Anthony. $7,500.
  • University Library: Cambodian (Khmer) language and culture materials to support the new minor. Greg Armento. $2,000.