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Alumni Grants Program

29th Annual Alumni Grants Program

Over $1 million have been distributed through this program since its founding in 1991!

The Alumni Grants Program was created to enhance our academic departments and non-academic programs, enrich the student experience and have a lasting impact to the university.

The recipients are selected by committees composed of alumni.



A total of over $56,400 will be awarded to 11 recipients:

  1. Center for Criminal Justice Research and Training:  Ductless Down-flow work stations to filter fingerprint powder. Ron Mark. $7,499.
  2. Center for Education in Proteomics Analysis:  Laboratory scale chromatography system. Yuanyu (Kent) Lee. $7,500.
  3. Community Clinic:  Bug in the Ear technology for training.  Denise Ceballos & Kristin Powers. $7,008.
  4. Educational Opportunity Program:  Tutoring and textbook resource library materials. Alexandria Cordon. $4,495.
  5. Film and Electronic Arts:  Basic Virtual Reality filming equipment.  Bonnie Blackburn. $1,900.
  6. Institute for Integrated Research in Materials, Environment and Society (IRMES): pH/Conductivity meter.  Varenka Lorenzi.  $1,093.
  7. Legal Information Clinic:  Legal resources and materials. Allison E. Butler. $1,315.
  8. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:  Portable heavy duty roll cart with storage and optical table top surface for mobile experiments lab. Daniel Whisler.  $7,489.
  9. School of Nursing:  Airway management trainer and chest drain simulator. Natalie Cheffer and Cathy Deckers. $5,705.
  10. Theatre Arts:  Sound lab upgrade for Players Theatre. Chris Anthony. $4,900.
  11. University Library:  Digitizing 40 years of Daily 49er campus newspaper.  Carol Perruso and Chloe Pascual. $7,500.


We appreciate the continuing generous sponsorship of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union toward this program.


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