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Student Savings

Student savings from CSULB’s AL$ initiative reported to CSU Chancellor’s Office include OER, library resources, used books, rentals, looseleafs, course packs,, D1DA, and other AL$ lower cost alternatives.

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Course Materials

CSULB’s average price of course materials sold/rented (per unit) compared to inflation (CPI)

Graph showing the average price of course materials sold/rented per unit.  The red line shows the inflation of costs and the blue line shows the average cost per unit at CSULB.

Featured Faculty

Dr. John Brevik (since Fall 2019)

Dr. John Brevik

Name: Dr. John Brevik

Course(s): MATH 444 OER

Title: Abstract Algebra Theory and Applications by Thomas Judson (MATH 444) 

How has OER benefited your teaching? 
At the moment, not directly, except that now all of the students have the text from the first day, which is nice! The text that I use (Abstract Algebra Theory and Applications by Thomas Judson) is very easy to customize, but I haven’t felt the need to do any tinkering at that level. 

How has OER benefited your students? What do your students say about OER course materials? 
The affordability is great. Although the text I use is available for free as a .pdf, lots of students still like a hard copy, and those can be had for around $20 from the common online booksellers. This availability takes away one potential drawback. To me, the big thing is that the material is fairly standard and I’m going to make my own insertions, deletions, and modifications with any textbook. So it’s just as easy for me to use a text like this rather than one that might run $100 or more.

Would you go back to using a traditional textbook? 
At this point I don’t see why. 

Do you have anything else to note about using OER? 
I can only speak to my discipline, mathematics, but there is a lot of material out there! I think it’s worthwhile for anyone to look into the possibility of using OER materials.

Dr. Ryan Giffen (since Fall 2019)

Dr. Ryan Giffen

Name: Dr. Ryan Giffen

Course(s): HM 372, HM 376, HM 479

D1DA E-Books: Foundations of Lodging Management, 2nd Ed by Hayes (HM 372)
Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism, 7th Ed by Kotler (HM 376)

D1DA Courseware: MYLAB for Strategic Management, 17th ed by David (HM 479)

How has D1DA benefited your teaching? 
D1DA has allowed me to jump right into the material from day one.  Students have free access to the textbook up until the drop date.  As such, all students can access chapters 1-3 and begin the reading and group activities with no delay.  Additionally, in Beachboard, faculty are able to monitor and track students reading behavior and engagement time with the reading.  These statistics are an invaluable resource to assist with my teaching.

How has D1DA benefited your students? What do your students say about D1DA course materials? 
Students save a ton of money throughout their academic careers.  Today, students are savvier with technology and don’t seem to resist adopting an electronic textbook.  I recommend showing students how to utilize the electronic textbook (e.g. the highlight feature, note-taking, and audible playback).   

Would you go back to using a traditional textbook? 
I’ll admit, I was a skeptic at first, and it took a couple of semesters for me to ‘get the hang of it.’  However, once I was able to build a new habit, the change was worth it.  And let’s be honest, who likes to lug heavy textbooks from their office, car, home, and across campus classrooms?  By having the books on my iPad and laptop, it’s a no brainer!

Do you have anything else to note about using D1DA? 
The adoption of D1DA is simple!  The bookstore staff is available to coordinate the logistics and make a seamless transition for faculty and students. 

Dr. Bernadette O'Leary (since Fall 2019)

Dr. Bernadette O'Leary

Name: Dr. Bernadette O'Leary

Course(s): PSY 361, PSY 370

D1DA E-Books:
REVEL for Dynamic Child, 2nd ed by Manis (PSY 361)
REVEL for Abnormal Psychology, 10th ed by Nevid (PSY 370)

How has D1DA benefited your teaching? 
As of Fall 2019, most of my courses at CSULB now use D1DA access.  I love that D1DA access has eliminated my need to manually transfer points earned on the textbook companion website into my BB grade book.  In previous semesters, online homework assignments that generated course points would require that I download the companion site grade book into Excel, make an adjustment to the scores, and then manually input those scores into my BB grade book.  This was very time consuming, particularly with my large lecture hall courses. Now, after making an adjustment to my course grade calculations (points across different modules, i.e. homework, exams, papers) in my syllabus, I am now able to just "sync" the two grade books, which requires no manual inputs and less of a chance of inputting an incorrect point value. Integration with BB also helps to create a seamless, launchpad for both myself and students; there is no need to jump back-&-forth between different internet sites.  I am also able to track student course progress & individual analytics about student engagement.  Most importantly, it eliminates concerns about some students not being able to have access to the textbook on the first day of the semester.  Additionally, with the start of the Spring 2020 semester, I was able to set-up/transfer my course materials much quicker between a previous & upcoming semester.

How has D1DA benefited your students? What do your students say about D1DA course materials? 
About 95-98% of my students LOVE the D1DA access and integration with BB.  It is seamless, easy to use, and the COST for materials is considerably less.  Most of my psychology textbooks for upper-division courses ranged from $150-200+.  Now, the cost for the eText and valuable other resources is $70, plus the students have access to the materials for 4 years.  The students report loving the layout of the companion site and the ease of access via BB.  The resources are GREAT in REVEL. 

Would you go back to using a traditional textbook? 
The one textbook that I use that does NOT have a rich companion site DOES have a RedShelf version available and I will be switching to that format, Fall 2020.  That book will now cost only $20  I have no plans to return to a traditional textbook.  Let's be honest: students are looking for the most inexpensive ways to obtain their education & degree.  This is my small way of helping them towards this goal.  Full-time status at CSULB now does not cost the same as when I was a student at CSULB ($300 for 12 units).  We need to assist our students with being financially savvy. 

Do you have anything else to note about using D1DA? 
What are you waiting for?

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