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COVID-19 Human Resources FAQs

Staff Repopulation

When are staff going to repopulate?

We anticipate MPP and staff repopulation efforts will begin this summer and continue into Fall 2021, but timeframes remain fluid. The University’s priorities continue to be the health of our campus community and the success of our students.

How does the Chancellor’s April 22nd announcement regarding vaccines impact me?

The Chancellor’s announcement provided notice to the campus community that the CSU will be moving toward requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all campus community members as a condition for returning to campus. However, at this time, we are not requiring the vaccine for our staff members. As stated in the Chancellor’s statement, this requirement will become effective upon full FDA approval of the vaccine. A systemwide policy is being created by the Chancellor’s Office with input from a number of constituents and will be negotiated with our union partners. The campus continues to move forward with current repopulation planning. Updated information will be provided on our Reuniting the Beach web site.

Our campus medical experts strongly encourage everyone to receive the vaccine as soon as possible to protect themselves and to help protect those around them. It will also help the spread of variants.

Will I be able to telecommute on a part-time or full-time basis?

Each Vice President in consultation with the appropriate administrators will be evaluating operational need, health and safety mandates in place, and delivery of services, in an effort to determine which functions need an on-campus presence. Each Vice President will work with Deans and Associate Vice Presidents to communicate departmental repopulation plans.

Will telecommuting be an option for campus staff after the pandemic?

Efforts toward a campus telecommuting policy are underway, and Staff HR will engage all internal and external stakeholders in development process. More information will be provided to the campus community once the development process is complete. However, that timeline is yet to be determined.

What safety protocols are currently in place?

The CSULB Environment Health and Safety Team (EH&S) are closely monitoring the local and state health and safety mandates. The University continues to require that all individuals coming on campus complete appropriate pre-entry health screening questionnaire, properly wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose, and strictly adhere to the rules of public distancing (maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between persons, as a means of minimizing the transmission of pathogens). EH&S is also working with campus departments to evaluate physical workspaces to ensure proper measures are in place for the safe return of employees. For more information, refer to the our Reuniting the Beach web site, specifically the Health Protocols section.

What measures have been taken in building ventilation systems? 

For more information, refer to the our Reuniting the Beach web site, specifically the Health Protocols section

I am able to complete my job from home. Can I continue to telecommute?

Vice President’s, AVPs and Deans will be working with appropriate administrators to make these decisions on a case by case basis, based on operational need. Please check with your ASM for more information.

Will there be any discount in parking for staff who will work on a hybrid schedule? 

Staff employees can contact Parking and Transportation Services with questions regarding parking permits.

I have a high risk medical condition and have been working from home but have been asked to return to campus. Can I continue to telecommute?

Please reach out directly to Staff Human Resources to discuss your request by sending an email to Employees should be prepared at least two weeks in advance of a potential return to work on campus with documentation from a medical provider, to help expedite the interactive process that is required to evaluate these types of requests. The interactive process can often take days or weeks to complete, which could impact the employee’s ability to return to work on campus or their ability to continue to telecommute.

I have been working from home and live with a high risk family member. Can I continue to telecommute?

Our campus medical professionals have confirmed that best step you and your family members can take to protect yourself is getting the vaccine and adhering to current health and safety guidelines. Vice President’s, AVPs and Deans will be working with appropriate administrators to make decisions regarding telecommuting on a case by case basis, based on operational need. Please check with your ASM for more information.

If you would like information on available leaves of absence, please email Roxanna Roa.

I have concerns about finding childcare. What options do I have?

Staff employees have up to 128 hours of Expanded COVID-Related Leave (ECRL) available to them (256 hours for Unit 6 employees). Eligible reasons include childcare. If you have a need for this leave, please send an email to so Staff HR can assist you.

I still have questions about repopulation? What do I do?

  • Contact your Administrative Services Manager or appropriate administrator.
  • Staff and MPP employees can also email Staff Human Resources at:

General Questions

Will the Payroll Services department remain open?

Payroll Services will assist you via phone (562.985.4164) or email ( during this time. Between Monday through Friday, we will make our best efforts to respond to your voicemails and emails within 24 to 48 hours. Starting on Monday, March 16th, our front desk will be closed and we will not accept walk-in visitors. Please email or call us to make an appointment if you need to visit our office. The majority of payroll transactions may be completed by phone or email.

Will the Benefits Services department remain open to respond to my questions and to help me enroll in or make changes to my benefits?

Yes, the Benefits Services department will be available to assist you via phone (562.985.2381) or email ( We will respond to your emails and voicemails within 24 to 48 hours during weekdays. Please note, effective Monday, March 16th, we will not be open for in-person walk-in visitors. If you have a critical situation that requires a visit to our office, such as a need for an original signature on a document, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange for an appointment to meet with you one-to-one. We understand how important health benefits can be during a stressful time such as this, and we are here to provide support and guidance, as needed.

Is Staff Human Resources open?

Our office lobby is closed, but all staff are responding to emails. Here is a list of all staff and their areas of responsibilities. You can leave a voicemail message for any staff member and we will respond as quickly as we can. You may also email us at at any time.

How will I obtain my live pay warrant if the campus is only open for essential personnel?

You may register to have your live pay warrant temporarily mailed to your home or mailing address. Sign up to have your check mailed by visiting the Employee Center chiclet in Single Sign On, then selecting Request Check for Mailing and following the instructions. This authorization will remain in effect until further notice. Please note that we will only mail live pay warrants. Direct deposit advices will not be distributed until the campus resumes normal operations.

Will there be an in-person pick up for my pay?

If you receive a live payroll check, the Payroll Services department will email you with pick up information. No direct deposit slips will be distributed until further notice.

We encourage everyone with a live pay warrant to enroll for the mail service described above to ensure prompt delivery of your pay. In addition, please consider signing up for our direct deposit service to assist with future pay dates.

Is it too late to sign up for Direct Deposit of my checks?

We encourage everyone to sign up for direct deposit as soon as possible. Use DocuSign to complete a paperless enrollment online in the Forms chiclet in Single Sign On. In response to the COVID-19 situation, Sacramento has put measures in place to reduce the time before your direct deposit request goes live. However, it will still take at least one to two pay dates to go into effect. Therefore, you should anticipate receiving a live check until you actually see the funds deposited into your account.

The Payroll Services team understands that your pay is very important, and we are committed to providing continued service during this difficult time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, or if there is anything we may do to assist.

Does my CalPERS health plan provide me with access to a doctor over the phone or via video chat?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, you may not feel comfortable visiting your local urgent care or your physician’s office. Our health plans recognize this, and have expanded their telemedicine offerings during this time. For information regarding each health plan’s specific access to care options, please visit the link for your plan below. You may also call your health plan at the member services number listed on your ID card.

I still have questions? What do I do?

Contact your Administrative Services Manager or appropriate administrator.

The following resources are also available: