Using Office on Demand

Office 365 Office On Demand can only be used on a Windows PC capable of running Office 365 Windows Applications and is intended for situations where the user has a pressing need to use an Office 365 Windows application, but the Windows computer they are using does not have the Office 365 Windows application they need installed on it.

Office On Demand "streams" a temporary copy of an Office 365 Windows applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Access) to a Windows PC. A streamed Office 365 Windows application differs from the standard installation of an Office 365 Windows application in two ways:

  • A streamed Office 365 Windows Application does not leave a footprint on the machine it is streamed to. Once the streamed application is closed, it will not be available for future use; you may however stream the application once again as needed.
  • A streamed Office 365 Windows Application does not require the person streaming the application have the authority to install software on the computer they are streaming the application to.


Accessing Office On Demand

  1. Navigate to the CSULB Single Sign-On page and use your CSULB ID number and password to sign in.

    CSULB login screen

  2. Select the OneDrive chiclet.

    Chiclet button choice

  3. From your OneDrive, you will need to click/select "Office on Demand" located on the lower left-hand side underneath the "Recent Documents" area.

    Selecting Office On Demand

  4. You will be redirected to the Office on Demand page that allows you to select the desired application you wish to utilize. For the purpose of this document, PowerPoint will be selected.

    Choosing Office On Demand Application

  5. Once you have selected the desired application, your browser will initiate the launch process. For compatibility purposes, this document will demonstrate this process using Mozilla Firefox.

    Launch Process

  6. Utilizing Firefox, a notification will appear on the upper left-hand corner that indicates the installation of an add-on was prevented, select the option "Allow" to continue.

    Firefox Notification

  7. A "Software Installation" window will appear providing the option to "Install Now"; select this option to install the required add-on. The add-on should be titled "Office Launcher".

    Office Launcher

  8. If the Office Launcher was installed successfully, Firefox will indicate so in the upper left-hand corner.

    Firefox Extension Successful

  9. Now that the required add-on was successfully installed, you will once again need to select the desired application. Doing so will then begin the process of streaming the application

    Streaming the Application

  10. Once initialized, you will be required to Activate Office by providing your BeachMail Username and selecting "Next".

    Activate Office

  11. You will then be redirected to the "Sign In" page where you will need to provide your BeachID password (your username will be automatically be prefilled) and then select "Sign in".

    Sign-in to Office On Demand

  12. Once you have signed-in, you will then be able to create or open your desired PowerPoint presentation.

    PowerPoint Welcome Splash

  13. Once you have opened your PowerPoint or selected the desired template of choice, you will then have to option to save your presentation either on your OneDrive, or local storage. To save your presentation, click on the save icon located on the upper left-hand corner depicted by a Floppy Disk.

    Saving File

  14. You will now have the ability to either save your PowerPoint presentation into your OneDrive, which will automatically appear under the "Save As" as OneDrive @ California State University, Long Beach; or, you can save your presentation onto your local storage by selecting computer and selecting the desired save location.

    Save-as Screen