OneDrive for Business

This guide will walk users through the steps of creating and uploading a document to OneDrive, and then editing it with the desktop, web, and tablet versions of Office 365. For the sake of brevity, these instructions will walk through the process using Microsoft Word.

Uploading a Document to OneDrive

  1. Using a web browser, login at the CSULB Single Sign-on page with your CSULB ID Number and Password.

    CSULB login screen
  2. Click on the OneDrive chiclet button to continue.

    Chiclet button choice

  3. Take an existing Word file (that is not blank) and drag it to the space in the OneDrive Documents library where it says drag files here. Drop the file to upload it. You can upload multiple documents by selecting them all first and them performing the same action.

    Depicting how to move files by dragging

    When the file upload is complete, it will appear in your Documents library.

    Highlighting the file in the Documents library

    Alternately, you can select upload. In the Add a document dialog box, you can click Browse to upload an individual file or click Upload files using Windows Explorer instead to upload multiple files.

Editing a Document using a Web App

  1. You can open a OneDrive document using one of the web based Office apps by clicking on the documents title or by clicking on the more disclosure button (the three dots) and then clicking on edit.

    Highlighting the Edit button for documents

  2. By default, the Office web apps open in reader mode. To edit the document using the web app, click on EDIT DOCUMENT and then Edit in Word Online.

    The edit document options

  3. The web based version of Word works just like the desktop version of Word, but does not have some of the advanced features.

    The word editing interface

  4. The Office web apps automatically save your changes. When you’re done editing, click on your name (in the picture below it is ATS Office365) to return to OneDrive.

    Highlighting the Name button to return to OneDrive


Editing a Document using a Tablet App

  1. Open the tablet version of Microsoft Word. Tap Open -> OneDrive -> Documents. Tap on the document you want to edit.

    The Open file series of windows

  2. By default, the Office tablet apps open in reader mode. To edit the document using the tablet app, tap on Edit.

    Highlighting the Edit button

  3. Edit the document. When you are finished, tap on the back arrow. Your changes will be saved automatically.

    Highlighting the back arrow button used to save

Editing a Document using a Windows Desktop Application

  1. On a Windows PC, open Microsoft Word. In the lower left hand corner of the screen, click on Open Other Documents.

    The Open Other Documents button

  2. When you launch any Office Windows desktop app you are signed into Office 365 automatically. You can verify this by checking to see if you see your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen underneath the apps window controls.

    Verifying the user name associated

  3. Click on OneDrive -> Browse -> Documents and left click on the document you want to edit. Click on Open.

    Opening a document window

  4. By default, the Office desktop apps open in reader mode. To edit the document using the desktop app, click on Enable Editing.

    Selecting the Enable Editing button

  5. When you’re done editing the document, click on the Save icon or click on File -> Save to save your changes.

    Selecting the Save icon from the File menu