Installation for Windows

Please follow the steps below which describe how to download and install the Office 365 desktop applications for Windows.

Logging In

Using a web browser, login at the CSULB Single Sign-on page with your CSULB ID Number and Password.

CSULB login screen

Click on the Office 365 chiclet button to continue. 

Chiclet button choice


  1. Click on the settings icon (the grey gear shape) in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and then select Office 365 settings.

    Finding the Office 365 options from the setting menu

  2. Click on software.

    Selecting the software option

  3. Click on install.

    Selecting the install software option

  4. When you are prompted to save or run the installation file (in Internet Explorer – if you’re using Chrome or Firefox it will look a little different), select save.

    Allowing downloaded file to run and install

  5. When your download completes, open your download folder and run the file you just downloaded and saved. When asked if you want the program to run and make changes to your computer, click on Yes.

    Confirmation windows to allow changes to be made to computer

Getting Started

On the Office welcome screen, click on Next. Your office apps are NOT installed yet.


Office 365 Welcome window

You will also see the following message:

Office Installation Progress

Your office apps will not be fully installed until this message goes away. Per the message, do NOT disconnect from the internet, restart your computer, or shut down your computer until this message goes away!

After the installation is complete, Office 365 will introduce you to its services. When prompted enter your CSULB email address and password.