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Creating a Video for your Course

Best Practices for Using Video in Your Courses

BeachBoard Media is a great tool to upload and share video content in your courses. Here are some general tips when creating video:

  • Keep your videos relatively short and focus on a single subject.
  • Plan your content:
    • Define the audience.
    • Clarify your message.
    • Decide how long your video will be. Plan for less than 10 minutes for each concept.
  • Hook your audience quickly.
  • Pick a strong title that is descriptive and enticing at the same time.
  • Use a thumbnail that pops: visual cues and design are always the best way to attract people to your work.
  • Focus on the first 3 lines of your description; describe how it is relevant to the subject you are lecturing.
  • Don’t add copyrighted materials including:
    • Images
    • Text
    • Music
  • Don't put too much text on the video or use text that is too small to read.
  • Choosr images that are relevant and not just for decoration.
  • Keep script tight and succinct.
  • If video runs more than 10 minutes long, consider cutting it into two more videos.

Video Streaming Accounts

Both YouTube and Vimeo offer free accounts for hosting videos. You can add links to videos uploaded to these services in your BeachBoard course.