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Viewing and Evaluating Dropbox Submissions

The Dropbox Folder List page provides a summary of the Total Files, Unread Files, and Flagged Files within each folder. To view the files, including when they were submitted, use the Folder Submissions page.

Viewing Dropbox Submissions

  1. Click Dropbox from the Navigation Bar and click the name of the folder you want to view submissions for
  2. Select either the Users tab or Files tab depending on whether you want to view and search submissions by student or file name.
  3. To download a file, click on the name of the file. To view a file, click Evaluate and see the section on Evaluating Submissions below for more information.

Evaluating Dropbox Submissions

The Dropbox Evaluate Submission page allows you to leave feedback on students' work. You can also enter a score for assignments linked to a grade item and select a rubric level for assignments linked to a rubric.

  1. Click Dropbox from the Navigation Bar and click the name of the folder you want to view submissions for.
  2. Click the Evaluate link beside the name of the student you want to score and leave feedback to

    Evaluate Dropbox submission button
  3. On the left hand side click the Arrow next to submitted file and click View Document to read the paper within BeachBoard or click Download to copy the file to your computer
  4. On the right hand side you can view student information, folder information and dates.
  5. Click the Rubric icon to grade with the attached rubric, if applicable.
  6. Enter a Score, if applicable.
  7. Enter Feedback.
  8. Add a File or Record Audio that you want to associate with your feedback.
    1. Example: you can use Track Changes in Microsoft Word to mark up a document, which you would then upload as an attachment in the Evaluate area for that student.
  9. Click Publish to make the evaluation available to the student or Save Draft if you have to finalize at a later date.
  10. Click Next Student to evaluate the next submission.

Note: The Dropbox document viewer does not display all document types and does not always display the exact formatting of the document. The viewer is meant to easily view the content of a document.