Viewing and Evaluating Dropbox Submissions

The Dropbox Folder List page provides a summary of the Total Files, Unread Files, and Flagged Files within each folder. To view the files, including when they were submitted, use the Folder Submissions page.

  1. Click Dropbox from the Navigation Bar and click the name of the folder you want to view submissions for
  2. Select either the Users tab or Files tab depending on whether you want to view and search submissions by student or file name.
  3. To download a file, click on the name of the file. To view a file, click Evaluate and see the section on Evaluating Submissions below for more information.

Selecting any folder in your Dropbox area will take you to a list of all submissions made to the folder.
Select "Evaluate" to the right of any student’s name to access the evaluation tool:

evaluate option

The evaluation tool can still be accessed after publishing or saving your feedback as a draft.  In those cases, the "Evaluate" option will be replaced with the "Published" or "Saved Draft" option to re-enter the evaluation tool for that student.

Previewing and Annotating Submissions

The evaluation tool will provide you with a preview of your student’s submission. You can scroll between which students you are evaluating using the navigation arrows on the top right of the page.

user selection

Next to the student's name across the top of the page, you will see a drop-down option to select the file you would like to preview (1). Please note that the preview displayed is a PDF conversion of your student’s original submission. If you would like to review the student’s submission in its original format, you can select the download option in the menu of options above the preview (2). Lastly, you have the option to provide in-line feedback to the student’s paper by select the annotations option (3).

assignment submission

For a brief overview on using the annotations tools please see Desire2Learn’s official demonstration video below.

Scoring and Providing Feedback

The right panel of the evaluation tool is where you can score and provide any manual feedback to your students. If you attached a rubric to the folder, it will be listed toward the top of the panel. Select the arrow to the right of the rubric (1) to expand the scoring options. From here, you can select the level for each criterion to score the student directly. Notice that the Overall Grade below the rubric (2) will automatically update as you select the level in each criterion.


Please view our rubrics support pages for more information on building rubrics within the BeachBoard. If you do not have a rubric assigned to the folder, you can manually enter a score for the student in the Overall Grade field instead.

The Overall Feedback field will allow you to draft any written feedback for your student in addition to any in-line feedback provided via the annotation tool. Below this field, there are also options to directly record audio or video clips as part of your overall feedback. You can also attach any files for the student to download and review using the download option to the right of the recording options.

overall feedback

Accessing Turnitin GradeMark

If you enabled Turnitin for the folder, access the GradeMark tool by selecting the drop-down menu of submissions next to the student’s name and select User Submissions. Select either the similarity score or the pencil icon to enter the GradeMark tool through Turnitin.

submission 1

For more information, please see our using Turnitin within BeachBoard support pages.