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Video Quizzes and Video Editor - BeachBoard Media

The Video Quiz feature lets you insert basic assessments into your videos in addition to providing simple editing features. You can access the tool through the Add New button in either your Media Library or any Course Gallery (please see the My Media Library and Course Gallery sections above for instructions on where to find those buttons). Once you select Video Quiz, you can hit Select next to any media you want to insert a quiz into.

Alternatively, you can select the edit options next to any video in your Media Library or Course Gallery and then select the Launch Editor button next to the player for access the Video Quiz tool (please see the Removing/Editing Videos subsections under My Media Library and Course Gallery for details on how to access the editing options).

The Basics

Accessing the tool by any of the means mentioned above will bring up a window that includes the Video Quiz tool and a basic Video Editor. On the right side of the page, you will see two icons corresponding to each tool. The cube will access the Video Quiz tool; the scissors, the Video Editor tool.

video quiz and video editor buttons


Video Quiz

After selecting the Video Quiz icon on the left, click the Start button in the middle panel. Three sections should appear: Details, Scores, and Experience. Expanding any of these three sections will present you with a set of options to customize your quiz (see example below). Peruse and select these options as you see fit.

set quiz settings


To build the quiz, select any point in the timeline displayed at the bottom of the page. You can use the viewer on the right panel to preview an exact point in the video. You can use the slider above the timeline to expand or compress the size of the timeline to help you pinpoint an exact location.

quiz timeline select


Once you’ve determined a point, click the “+” icon in the middle of the viewer.

add quiz material button


You will be prompted to enter the question text and responses. You can select the “+” icon to add additional responses. To cancel out of the screen, select Delete. Once you’re done, click Save.

add more or save quiz


The question will be notated on the timeline with a blue icon.

timeline notation


Repeat this process for additional questions and select Done at the top right of the screen to apply your settings.

Video Editor

The Video Editor allows you to trim the ends of a video. Click and drag the grey sliders at the ends of the timeline displayed at the bottom of the page to trim the media to your liking. Be sure to click Save or Save a Copy at the top of the page to apply your settings.

video editor trim function

Linking Video Quizzes to Grade Items

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not recommend to embed videos with built-in quizzes into the Rich Text Editor.  Quiz attempts submitted through the embedded video may create unwanted grade items in your gradebook.

In order to link your video quiz to a grade item, make sure that the New Content Experience is disabled. The New Content Experience can be disabled by selecting the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page:

new content experience

In "classic" view, on the Add Existing Activities button, select the arrow to activate the drop down menu. Then, select Add My Media:

add existing activities

In the pop-up window, select Media Gallery to view the videos you have published to the course:

my media gallery

Choose Select next to any video.  This will insert a link to the video into your course module:

select button

A link to your video will be created in your Content area. Select the newly generated link.

On the following page, scroll down and under the Activity Details section, there will be an option to Add a grade item on the right:

add a grade item

If you need to delete the grade item, be sure to go back into the linked page under Content and set the option to No Grade. This will break the association and allow you to delete the grade item from the gradebook.