Understanding How Groups are Set Up

Before setting up groups you should know how you want them to be organized. A number of things can affect how users are enrolled in groups:

  1. Were groups set up before or after you enrolled users?
  2. Are users auto-enrolled in groups?
  3. Are course participants placed in groups randomly?
  4. Can users self-enroll in groups?
  5. What Enrollment Type did you choose?

Tip: In most cases it is better to set up groups after the majority of users are enrolled in your course. This gives you a better idea of how many users you are organizing and how many groups you need. Setting up groups after enrollment can also ensure better distribution of users between groups.

Warning: In order for users to be enrolled in groups automatically the ‘Can be auto-enrolled’ option must be enabled. Contact the help desk if you are having difficulties.

The following descriptions explain the options available when creating new groups and provide conceptual information on when they should be used.