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Frequently Asked BeachBoard Questions

Why can't I see my course listed under My Courses and Organizations? 

There are a few reasons why you might not see a course listed under My Courses and Organizations. If you have just added the course in MyCSULB, please wait approximately 24 hours for the system to place you in the course and it to show up under My Courses and Organizations. However, if an instructor has not activated a course or organization it will not show up under My Courses and Organizations. If you are missing a course or organization, please contact the instructor of the course or organization.

How do I search for and pin my courses to the homepage?

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Which browser is supported in Beachboard?

All browsers will be able to access BeachBoard, but we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to take full advantage of the system.

Why can't I see the dropbox assignment that my instructor says they posted? 

If your instructor said that they posted a dropbox assignment but you cannot see it, it is possible that your instructor forgot to make the dropbox assignment available. Please contact your instructor.

How do I know if I submitted my dropbox assignment successfully? 

When you submit a dropbox assignment you will automatically receive a confirmation email sent to your preferred email (set in MyCSULB.

What is the maximum file size limit that I can upload to a dropbox assignment? 

The maximum file size is 20480KB or 20MB per submission.

I replied to an email my instructor sent through BeachBoard, but they said they haven't received it. Why not? 

When receiving an email sent through BeachBoard, the From email address will always read ";" however, this is not a real email address. The real email address (the sender's preferred email address) should populate the To field when you click Reply. If you reply to an email by copying and pasting the @beachboard address, the receipient will not receive your email.