Options - Turnitin


Note: Turnitin® must be enabled in the dropbox folder to access this menu.

  1. Click More Options in Turnitin® in the Turnitin® Integration page.

    More Option in Turnitin

  2. Basic information you entered while setting up the dropbox in BeachBoard will be reflected in this pop-up window. Click Option Settings near the bottom of this window to bring up a menu of features related to the Similarity Index, Originality Reports, and other feedback/reporting options.
    • NOTE: PeerMark is currently unavailable, but we hope to have access in the near future.
  3. Allowing submissions of any file type will allow Turnitin® to accept any file that is:
    • less than 40mb
    • a minimum of 20 words; and
    • less than 400 pages.

      file types in Turnitin

  4. There is an option to add a rubric to Turnitin® Feedback Studio, however it is not currently possible to migrate rubrics built in BeachBoard into Feedback Studio. You can create a rubric for Feedback Studio in a Turnitin® enabled folder by clicking Launch Rubric Manager. Please visit the Rubrics and Grading Forms Turnitin® guide for assistance in using the tool.

    Launch Rubric Manager
  5. If you need clarification on anything, hover your cursor over the help icon next to any item you need assistance with.