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Online Rooms

Collaborate will no longer be available as of the Spring 2019 Semester. Zoom Web Conferencing is available. Check out our Zoom Website or get in touch with to set up a time to learn more.

You can set up online meeting rooms powered by BlackBoard Collaborate using the Online Rooms tool. Beyond creating an online space for you and your students, the Collaborate interface houses features that help you create a more interactive and engaging virtual learning experience.  To access the tool, click Online Rooms on the navigation bar.

Online Rooms Tab

Creating a New Room

In the Online Rooms tool, click New Room.

New room button

  1. Enter a Name for the room. 
    Room name field
  2. Leave the Service Provider and Account Name fields set to their default options.
    Online room service provider
  3. You can enter an optional Description for your room as well.
    Room description
  4. Set whether you would like to restrict access to the room to invited attendees or to keep the room public to users enrolled in your course.
    Room visibility options
  5. Determine when users can access the room by setting Start and End Dates/Times.
    Setting room availability dates
  6. Click Expand/Hide Advanced Properties to review and enable a set of extra options. For more information on the moderator role in Collaborate, please see: Collaborate Original Help for Moderators.
    Online Room advanced properties
  7. You can allow users to enter the room before the designated start time. Enter the number of minutes in the appropriate field.
    Online Room Early Entry
  8. Set whether you would like the session to record automatically. Selecting Manual will cause the system to notify you of the record option when you enter the room. You can also disable the feature entirely. Recorded sessions will automatically be archived (see Viewing Archived Recordings).
    Online Room Archive mode settings
  9. The notes under the Email Notification section mention ‘external’ and ‘internal’ attendees. Any user enrolled in your course is considered an ‘internal’ attendee; anyone invited who is not enrolled in your course is considered an ‘external’ attendee. 
    1. To add attendees, select Add Attendees.
      Add attendees button
    2. Under the Users tab, select anyone enrolled in your course to give them permission to access the room.
    3. For larger courses, you can use the search bar to find specific users.
    4. If you have groups set up in your course, click the Groups/Sections tab to select which groups can access this online room.
    5. You can also click Change Org Unit to find another course to add attendees from. Selecting a course will display all of its users under the Users tab.
      Online Room Organizational units
    6. Click Add External Attendees to bring up a field where you can enter the e-mail addresses of anyone you would like to invite to the room who isn’t enrolled in your course. Be sure to hit Add next to the open field.
    7. You can review everyone you’ve added to the room under Review Selected Items. Click the red ‘X’ next to any name to remove them from the list.  
    8. Click Add at the bottom of the window to save your selections.
      Add external attendees
    9. Check the appropriate box to send e-mail notifications to internal attendees who are set up to receive notifications from the system.
    10. You can Edit Roles or Delete users by checking the box next to any number of usernames and clicking the appropriate buttons.
      Delete Attendees
    11. Click Save to create the room.
      Save Online Room button

Joining, Editing, and Deleting Rooms

Under the Rooms tab in the Online Rooms tool, you will see all both past and presently available rooms. Click the Join button next to any available room to enter that room. You will be prompted to download and install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. If you already have the launcher installed, you will be asked to use the program to open the room. The launcher is required to enter rooms so be sure to follow the direction listed on the BlackBoard Collaborate page.

Join Room Button

You can also click the drop-down arrow next to any room and select Edit Room, Delete Room, or Join Room to complete the desired action.

Online Room options

Viewing Archived Recordings

To access archived recordings you can either:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to any room and select View Archives; or,
    View archives option
  2. Click on the name of the room and select the Archive tab.
    Archive Tab
  3. Once in the Archive page, click on the recording minding the date and time listed in the row on the right.
    1. You will be directed to the BlackBoard Collaborate page where you will be prompted to either run or install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher
      Archive Link
  4. Under the Visibility column, you can set any recording to Restricted or Public. Public archives will be made available to anyone enrolled in the course.

Using BlackBoard Collaborate

You can view the Collaborate: Original Experience official support pages for help with using the interface. The support pages are structured to help you depending on what your role in room will be. Select ‘Participant,’ ‘Moderator,’ or ‘Administrator’ to get started.